Polyethylene, Polypropylene & HDPE are low surface energy plastics which means they are very hard to bond to or repair. The most common repairs we have been asked about are holes in water tanks or pond liners. We have two options available that work really well with these plastics. 

Easy-Mix PE-PP 45 – Adhesive for Polyethylene & Polypropylene 

As the title says, this adhesive is high strength designed for bonding low energy plastics like Polyethylene, Polypropylene & HDPE, due to its special formulation and integrated primer. It is also extremely good at joining PVC, PA, PC, ABS and Fibre Reinforced Materials (not suitable for bonding PTFE). 

Easy-Mix PE-PP 45, is easily mixed (as the name states) as there is a special mixing nozzle for application. The PE-PP works its way down the mixing nozzle and mixes as it goes. You simply need to attach the nozzle to the cartridge, fit into the special PE-PP 45 Dispensing Pistol and apply. The Easy-Mix PE-PP 45 Dispenser is sold separately. 

It is also suitable for joining harder to bond plastics to other types of materials. Based on Methyl Methacrylate (MMA), this adhesive is highly compatible with common types of metals including steel, stainless and aluminium. 

PE-PP has high viscosity, which means it is suitable to be applied to vertical surfaces without any issues. PE-PP can be used to bridge gaps up to 1mm. 

Easy to Use thanks to the Easy-Mix System.

The Weicon Easy-Mix Dosing System eradicates complex mixing and measuring and makes getting the right amount of glue, where you need it, simple.

Simply slot the container of PE-PP into a compatible dispensing pistol and attach the Special Mixing Nozzle (one is included with each container).  That’s it.

When you pull the trigger the two parts that make up PE-PP 45 Adhesive will be mixed as they travel along the nozzle so that, by the time they reach the surface, you have a single homogenous adhesive. Spare mixing nozzles are also available.

Aqua-Flex Underwater Adhesive Sealant and P400 Primer 

Aqua-Flex Underwater Adhesive Sealant is a special type of adhesive designed specifically for wet or moist surfaces. In fact, it can even be used underwater. Aqua-Flex can be used as either an adhesive or sealant and remains permanently elastic after curing. It also has good UV and weathering resistance which allows it to be used indoors or outdoors.  

Our P400 Primer is suitable for use with tough to bond, non-absorbent material such as Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP). It is designed to facilitate the bonding of otherwise hard to bond materials with low surface energy. This primer activates the surface which allows you to create a good, strong, lasting bond and/or seal. 

The Aqua-Flex Underwater Adhesive Sealant, along with the P400 Primer, is a good solution for those larger gaps that need to be bridged, up to 5mm.  

Preparation of Surface

To ensure good adhesion, the surface must be clean and free of greases or oils. Surface contaminants like dust or dirt can be removed with general cleaners (or Weicon Surface Cleaner). For heavily soiled surfaces, Weicon Cleaner S.

Shake the P 400 Primer well before use, then apply a thin layer with a clean cloth. 

Aqua-Flex should be applied using a cartridge gun or automatic dosing system. To ensure optimum wetting of the surfaces, the parts being bonded must be joined before the first skin has formed on the adhesive. The skin over time is 25 minutes, however higher temperature and/or higher humidity accelerates curing while lower temperatures and/or lower humidity slows it down. 

Some of Our Customers' Applications

  • Repairs to Water Tanks Cracks and Holes
  • Repairs to Pond Liners
  • Repairs to Kayaks
  • Bonding Polyethylene Gaskets to a Concrete Surface
  • Bonding Glass to Velcro
  • Repairing Seals on Wastewater Pipes 
  • Repairing Diesel Tank on Tractor