Easy-Mix PE-PP 45 - Adhesive for Polyethylene & Polypropylene - 45ml

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  • High Strength Adhesive designed for bonding low energy plastics like PE & PP.
  • Also extremely good at joining PVC, PA, PC, ABS and Fibre Reinforced Materials.
  • No complex mixing thanks to the dual-cartridge system and special mixing nozzle.
  • Makes very high strength bonds that last.

Easy-Mix PE-PP 45 is a specialised, professional-quality adhesive designed for bonding low surface energy plastics. This two-part adhesive can join all, but the most difficult to bond materials (think PTFE) thanks to its special formulation and integrated primer.

PE-PP 45 is manufactured by Weicon in Germany and used in many different industrial sectors around the world. Features and benefits of this premium grade adhesive include:

Compatible with Almost All Types of Plastic.

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first: Our PE-PP 45 Adhesive is not suitable for bonding PTFE (aka, Teflon®). That said, it can be used for pretty much every other type of plastic.

Known problems like polyethylene and polypropylene can be joined with PE-PP 45. It is also highly compatible with higher surface energy plastics like PVC, polycarbonate (PC) and phenolics (Bakelite). This special adhesive has been extensively tested with these materials and achieved the following results:

Type of Plastic Shear Strength (DIN 53281)
Polyethylene 7 N/mm²
Polypropylene 8 N/mm²
Polycarbonate 6 N/mm²
PMMA 7 N/mm²
ABS 11 N/mm²
Hard PVC 14 N/mm²
Polyester w/ Fibreglass Reinforcement 17 N/mm²
Epoxy w/ Fibreglass Reinforcement 16 N/mm²
Polyamide 6.6 6 N/mm²
POM 2 N/mm²

Compatible with Other Material Types.

Easy-Mix PE-PP 45 is also well suited for joining hard to bond plastics to other types of materials. Based on Methyl Methacrylate (MMA), this adhesive is highly compatible with common types of metals including steel, stainless and aluminium.

For this reason, it is widely used in attaching polyethylene wear pads to metal frame work or support structures. A summary of its’ bond test results with the aforementioned metal types is included below:

Type of Plastic Shear Strength (DIN 53281)
Aluminium 14 N/mm²
Steel 17 N/mm²
Stainless Steel 16 N/mm²

Integrated Primer with No Complex Mixing.

PE-PP 45 Adhesive with glass beads for primer activationOne of the reasons that PE-PP 45 works so well where other adhesive fail is that this specialised glue has an integrated primer. This is not separate to the adhesive, rather, it is included within the contents and requires no separate process.

When PE-PP 45 has worked its way down the mixing nozzle and reaches the bonding surface, the primer will work to modify the structure to increase the surface energy. This makes bonding possible.

For the primer to work, a bonding gap of 0.15mm to 0.2mm is required. Fortunately, this is ensured through the presence of tiny glass beads in the mixture which ensure that the two bonding surfaces are forced no closer than this. In this way, you can prime and glue in one simple action.


Weicon Easy-Mix PE-PP 45 is a fast curing adhesive with a short pot life and cure time. Pot life is listed at just 2-3 minutes (once the parts are mixed) while cure times vary depending on material combinations. A summary is included below:

Handing Strength (35% of Final) 2 – 3 Hours (PP-PP)
6 Hours (Alu-Alu)
Capable of Bearing Mechanical Loads
(50% of Final)
3 – 4 Hours (PP-PP)
24 Hours (Alu-Alu)
Fully Cured (100%) 24 Hours (PP-PP)
72 Hours (Alu-Alu)

Chemical and Age Resistant with Good Residual Elasticity.

Bonds made with PE-PP 45 are long lasting and resistant to aging. They are also resistant to attack from a vast range of chemicals including many common fluids such as petrol, mineral oil, water, brake fluid and cooling lubricants.

A full chemical resistance table is included on our comprehensive PE-PP 45 Technical Data Sheet.

Pasty, Stable Adhesive that is Easy to Apply.

This special two-part plastic adhesive is very easy to use thanks to Weicon’s Easy-Mix Dosing System. There’s no need for complex mixing as the mixing nozzle does all the work. You simply need to attach the nozzle to the cartridge, fit into the special PE-PP 45 Dispensing Pistol and apply.

This MMA Adhesive has a high viscosity (approx. 45,000 MPa) which makes deliberate application easy and helps reduce wastage. It also means that this glue for polyethylene or polypropylene can be applied to vertical surfaces without any issues.

PE-PP 45 can be used to bridge gaps up to 1mm.

Applications for Easy-Mix PE-PP 45 Adhesive.

PE-PP 45 is used by numerous industries for joining PE or PP and as an alternative to cold welding. Some of the specific uses we’ve seen include:

  • Fixing polyethylene guides to metal frame work for conveyor systems.
  • Bonding PE insulation to supporting systems.
  • Fitting polypropylene wear pads.
  • Assembling plastic flanges for oil and gas lines.
  • In the manufacture and repair of polypropylene cases for electronics.
  • Many, many more applications where PP or PE needed to be joined or bonded to other materials.
Basis Methyl Methacrylate (MMA)
Colour After Curing Cream, Milky white
Density of the Mixture 0.98 – 1.02 g/cm³
Mixing Ratio 1:1
Viscosity of the Mixture 40,000 – 60,000 MPa
Application Procedure Easy-Mix
Composition Viscous
Pot Life (at 20°C) 2-3 Minutes
Handing Strength (35% of Final) 40 Minutes
Capable of Bearing Mechanical Loads
(50% of Final)
60 Minutes
Processing Temperature +10°C to +40°C
Curing Temperature +18°C
Fully Cured (100%) 12 Hours
Adhesive Gap Bridging 0.25mm – 1mm
Temperature Resistance (After Curing) -50°C to +125°C
IMPA Code 81 29 94
ISSA Code 75.629.55
Shear Strength (According to DIN 53281)
Aluminium 20 N/mm²
Sand Blasted Steel 23 N/mm²
Stainless Steel 22 N/mm²
Polycarbonate 11 N/mm²
PMMA 9 N/mm²
ABS 7 N/mm²
Hard PVC 12 N/mm²
Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester 21 N/mm²
Fibreglass Reinforced Epoxy 22 N/mm²
Polyamide 6.6 1 N/mm²


SKU SWM000267B01V0002
Model # 10660045
Brand Weicon

Do I need a dispensing pistol to use this glue?

Yes. Because of the very high viscosity (and the presence of the glass beads) we really suggest using our Weicon Dispensing Pistol for PE-PP 45. This is the one adhesive that needs its own gun (other Easy-Mix types can be dispensed via the standard D 50 Pistol).

Other brands may work but we can’t guarantee this.

Do I need to buy the mixing nozzles separately?

Depends on how many you need. One comes with each tube of PE-PP 45.

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