KM Electric Motor Terminal Block RangeElectric motor terminal blocks are an essential electrical component that provides a safe and efficient way of connecting wires to electric motors.

Our KM Series Motor Terminal Blocks are widely used on low to medium voltage electric motors. They are available in 5 different models, each with unique electrical properties, and come in various sizes that suit different cable sizes.

In this post we touch on some of the important characterists of this product, starting with their construction.

Flame Resistant Terminal Blocks.

One of the significant features of KM Series Motor Terminal Blocks is their base material, which is made from flame-retardant fibreglass reinforced polyester (polyester-glass).

This material has a UL 94 V-0 flame retardant rating, which ensures that it can resist combustion in case of a fire. Additionally, the base material has an oxygen index of 30% (BS 2782 method 141 & ISO 4589), which means that it can resist fire even in environments with high oxygen concentration.

Studs, Nuts, Washers & Bridges.

All our KM Terminals are feature six studs and are supplied with 12 nuts, 12 washers and 3 bridge links.

These metal components are made of mild steel, which is zinc plated and yellow chromate passivated. This plating provides a protective layer that prevents the studs from rusting, thereby increasing their longevity. The studs have an Isometrix Medium Fit Coarse Thread Class 6H / 6G thread that ensures a secure connection with cables.

Common Electrical Properties.

In addition to their unique electrical properties, all KM Series Motor Terminal Blocks share some common features. They are all rated for a working voltage of 660 Volts (BS 2618) and have a CTI rating of >600 Volts (BS 5901 & IEC 112).

Different Sizes and Specs.

Our KM Series Motor Terminal Blocks come in 5 different models, each with individual electrical properties.

The table below provides a summary of their electrical properties. The table that follows that covers their sizing.

Model # Max. Tightening Torque Max. Cable Shoe Size Breakdown Terminal to Terminal* Breakdown Terminal to Earth Link Current Rating
KM4 2.0 N/m 6mm² 12 kV 8 kV 16 amps
KM5 4.0 N/m 16mm² 14 kV 8 kV 25 amps
KM6 6.8 N/m 35mm² 16.8 kV 11 kV 60 amps
KM8 16.5 N/m 70mm² 18.4 kV 13 kV 100 amps
KM10 32.8 N/m 120mm² 22 kV 14 kV 160 amps

*Breakdown voltage using a 50Hz supply.

Terminal Block Sizes.

We have comprehensive size information on our different terminal blocks. Rather than list each of the dimensions here, we've put together a handy reference guide on them which is available for download.

Quick Reference Guide LinkBuying Terminal Blocks & More Information.

All of our standard KM Electric Motor Terminal Blocks are available via our online store.

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