One of the most common issues with metal is rust prevention. Especially in Australia where so many of us live on the coast. Many types of metal are subject to rust so one of the queries we hear all the time is, do you have anything to stop it?

We actually have quite a few options and each have their own unique blend of benefits. In this post though we’re going to focus on one single metric, which Rust Prevention Spray Protects Metal The Longest?

How Rust Protection Capability is Measured.

Before we get into the details of our best performed (it’s our Rust Protection Spray 2000 Plus for those who can’t wait), we thought it would be a good idea to explain the standard upon which we’re basing this advice. It’s a snappily named thing called the DIN Salt Spray Test.

How this test works is a metal object is coated in the spray being tested. Typically this is done using a standardised coating method, specifically; 2 cross-coated layers that were sprayed onto an undamaged zinc undercoat.

Once the spray on coat is dry, the part is subjected to a concentrated salt solution. The result comes from how long the part was able to withstand this extreme environment without exhibiting signs of rust.

It’s a good test and one that our German partners Weicon subject all their corrosion protection sprays to. It accurately simulates real world environments, just on a highly compressed time scale. This lets you get a feel for how long a coating will protect the metal, without waiting decades to see the results yourself.

Rust Protection 2000 PLus Spray Aerosols (Both Colours)Our Best Metal Spray for Stopping / Preventing Rust.

Surprisingly enough, it’s not our Zinc Spray. Though this is the most popular in our range (and is pretty good at corrosion protection in its own right) it wasn’t the best performer.

The anti-corrosion coating in our range with longest lasting performance is our Rust Protection 2000 Plus.

Available in two different colours (2 shades of grey really) these high quality sprays are based on iron oxide and have exceptional protection capabilities. In the aforementioned DIN Salt Spray Test, these sprays recorded a result of 2,000+ hours (hence, the name) which is utterly excellent.

To put this in real world terms, a result of 2000 hours in this test can be roughly equated with 20+ years of protection under Australian conditions (some of the harshest in the world).

By way of comparison, our own high quality Zinc Spray “only” managed a result of about 550 hours while our Galve Spray came in at about 450. Bear in mind, these sprays have other benefits that the Rust Protection doesn’t offer though.

Bottom Line.

If you’re looking for a spray on anti-corrosion, rust protection coating that’s going to last, it’s hard to go past our Rust Protection 2000 Plus Spray.

If there’s other considerations such as colour matching with the metal, temperature resistance or some other factor, this may cloud the decision a little. If that’s the case, we’re here to help. If you do need more information on any particular corrosion protection spray, or help picking the right one for your application, please do contact us. We’ll do whatever we can to assist.

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