Plastic Metal A Steel Filled Epoxy Putty - 500gm Kit

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  • Versatile epoxy putty that can be moulded into whatever shape is required.
  • Made from steel-filled epoxy resin and sets hard for permanent, hard-wearing performance.
  • Perfect for repairing holes in tanks, pipes and casings as well as smoothing over cracks.

Weicon Plastic Metal A is a versatile type of epoxy putty made from steel filled epoxy resin. This grade is incredibly versatile and can be used for all kinds of repair, maintenance and production work.

Once the two parts are mixed together, it has a pasty consistency so it can me moulded into shape. Once cured, it will form an extremely hard, abrasion resistant compound that will withstand wear, a wide range of chemicals and temperatures up to 120°C.

Cured Plastic Metal A will be dark grey in colour and can be painted over if required. It can also be machined, filed or sanded to give you a very precise finish for jobs that need it.

This grade of Plastic Metal is used all around the world in a variety of different industries and applications (just some of which are listed below). It is certified by Germanischer Lloyd for use as a repair compound in the marine industry and is also registered with IMPA and ISSA.

For more information on this easy to use, versatile, pasty, steel filled epoxy please refer to the specifications tab or the comprehensive technical data sheet located on the media tab.

Example Applications for Plastic Metal A Steel Filled Epoxy

  • Repairing cracks on pump housings, motor casings and other metal surfaces.
  • Eliminating corrosion damage and pitting on tanks, pipes and containers.
  • Filling holes and repairing leaking pipes.
  • Fixing broken castings.
  • Making moulds, models, tools and fixtures.
  • Heavy duty bonding of a wide range of materials.
Basis Steel Filled Epoxy Resin
Mix Ratio 10 : 1 (Resin / Hardener)
Density of the Mixture 2.9 g/cm³
Viscosity of the Mixture 1,000,000 MPa
Colour Dark Grey (after curing)
Maximum Layer Thickness 10mm
Mechanical Strength (50% of Final) 16 Hours (when curing at 20°C)
Final Strength 24 Hours (when curing at 20°C)
Mean Compressive Strength 80 MPa (at 25°C, DIN 53281-83)
Mean Tensile Strength 21 MPa (at 25°C, DIN 53281-83)
Mean Flexural Strength 34 MPa (at 25°C, DIN 53281-83)
Mean e-Modul 3,500 - 5,000 MPa (at 25°C, DIN 53281-83)
Shore Hardness 90 Shore D ( (at 25°C, DIN 53281-83)
Shrinkage During Cure 0.015%
Thermoforming Resistance +65°C
Continuous Temperature Rating -35°C to +120°C
Thermal Conductivity 0.3 W/m·K (ISO 8894-2)
Dielectric Strength 1.2 kV/mm
IMPA Reference Number 75.509.01 (500gm) / 75.509.02 (2kg)
ISSA Reference Number 81 29 01 (500gm) / 81 29 02 (2kg)

For more technical information and instructions for getting the best results with Plastic Metal A, please see the Technical Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheets located on the media tab.

SKU SWM000156B01
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