Plastic Shim - 0.038mm (0.0015") Thick x 500mm x 600mm

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  • High strength.
  • Easy to work with and able to cut to tight tolerances.
  • Manufactured with high accuracy on thickness for reliable spacing.

Swift Supplies’ Plastic Shim is a high quality grade with excellent wear resistance and tightly controlled and reliable thicknesses. Our Plastic Shim sheets are manufactured from different materials (depending on the thickness these can be either Polyester, Tri-Acetate or Vinyl) yet all exhibit excellent toughness, impact strength and dielectric strength.

Our Plastic Shim is colour coded according to thickness and is widely used for spacing, mounting and gaskets. Plastic Shim sheet can be accurately cut with scissors or sharp knives and exhibits good UV resistance and long term performance.

Typical Applications for Plastic Shim.

  • Gear cases
  • Spacers
  • Wear Strips
  • Oil pan seals
  • Crank case seals
  • Slide strips
  • Electrical insulation barriers
  • Decorative use
SKU SWM000054P01

Are other colours available?

Unfortunately, no. We can only offer this particular type of plastic shim in the colours listed for each thickness.

Can it bend?

Yes. Plastic Shim is generally very flexible. The exact amount of resistance you can expect depends on the thickness (thicker = harder to roll) but all can bend and roll as required.

What does high impact strength mean?

Precise definition is a little technical and can be found here (Wikipedia). To summarise though, it’s basically how much sudden force a material can absorb without fracturing. You can think of it like how hard you’d have to hit it with a hammer to break it. The higher the impact strength, the harder you’d have to hit it.