PTFE Packing Style 344FDA (100% PTFE) - 3.2mm Square (Per Metre)

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  • Premium grade PTFE Packing for pumps and valves.
  • Excellent sealing performance and low friction.
  • FDA approved for food grade and drinking water applications.

Our 344FDA Packing is manufactured from 100% PTFE filament (Teflon fibres). This packing is made using the interlock braided method which results in a strong gland packing with good pressure resistance. It also allows it to seal at high shaft speeds.

344FDA Packing is designed for critical applications where pumps or valves process food or liquids for potential human consumption. It is approved to FDA and USDA requirements under Title 21, 178.3570 and 177.1550.

Manufactured in the USA, this packing is used all around the world. It is flexible and very easy to work with and install. Being made from pure PTFE, it has excellent chemical resistance across the entire 0-14 pH scale.

344FDA PTFE Gland Packing has a very low coefficient of friction which reduces shaft wear and enables excellent sealing performance. It has a shaft speed rating of 5 Metres per Second (MPS). Pressure rating is 20 BAR.

This compression packing can withstand continuous exposure to up to 260°C.

The packing listed on this page is 4.8mm square or approximately 3/16 of an inch using imperial sizing.

In addition to this size, we are pleased to stock our 344FDA PTFE Packing in a wide variety of sizes to suit different pumps and valves. All are available by the metre. More information on this high-quality pump and valve packing is included in the specifications table below and on the linked technical data sheet (TDS).

If you do have more questions or need assistance in choosing the best gland packing for your application, please do contact us. We will be happy to assist in any way we can.

Colour White
Service Areas Pumps and Valves
Base Fibre 100% PTFE Filament
Construction Interlock Braid
pH Range 0-14 (except strong oxidisers)
Shaft Speed Rating 5.1 MPS (1,000 fpm)
Pressure Rating 20.6 BAR (300 psi)
Temperature Rating 260°C

Metric to Imperial Packing Conversion Table

Millimetre Square Inches Square Fraction of an Inch Sqaure
3.2mm² 0.13" 1/8"
4.8mm² 0.19" 3/16"
6.4mm² 0.25" 1/4"
8mm² 0.32" 5/16"
9.5mm² 0.37" 3/8"
12.7mm² 0.5" 1/2"
16mm² 0.63" 5/8"
19mm² 0.75" 3/4"
22mm² 0.87" 7/8"
25mm² 1" 1"
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Model # 344FDA

Technical Data Sheet.

PTFE Packing
Style 344 FDA TDS

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How do I Cut It?

A box cutter (AKA Stanley knife) will get through our 344FDA Packing, though you may need to make multiple slices (especially with the thicker sizes). If you’re looking to ensure you achieve an exact 45° cut (for making packing rings) specialised packing scissors are best.

Do you make Packing Rings?

We can supply them, yes. We don’t make them ourselves but we do have some great partners who do here in Australia. If you’d like us to arrange some for you shoot us an email with the sizes and details of what you’re after and we can arrange a quote. We can usually turn these around fairly quickly (local stock and a local ring manufacturer helps a lot with this).