Sure-Cut Packing Cutters - Industrial Packing Scissors

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  • Easy to use, heavy duty packing scissors that give you a clean cut for making packing rings.
  • Able to cut straight 90° butt joins (up to 25mm² / 1”) or angled, 45° skive joins (up to 16mm² / 5/8”).
  • Tested with all kinds of “soft” gland packings including PTFE, Graphite, Ramie, GFO, Cotton, Phenolic Yarn, Fibreglass and Lead Foil. They also work well for cutting Rubber O Ring Cord and Rubber (Solid or Sponge) Extrusions, Strips and Profiles.

Sure-Cut Packing Cutters are high quality, industrial packing scissors that make crafting and cutting packing rings a lot simpler. These heavy-duty cutting scissors have been designed to provide an accurate, clean cut through the packing which is critically important for achieving a tight seal from the packing ring.

These packing scissors are manufactured form hardened plastic that is designed to withstand repeated stress and use. The cutting blade itself is metal and is razor sharp. In addition, the yellow cutting bed you can see in the photos is textured to prevent the packing from slipping as you cut it.

Sure-Cut Packing Cutters have been tested with all kinds of different soft packing materials. Really, there’s two types of packing that they do not work well with; Aramid (Kevlar) and Metal Wire Reinforced. They do work very well with PTFE, Acrylic, Phenolic, Fibreglass, GFO, Cotton, Ramie, Flax, Lead Foil, Graphite and most composite braids.

These packing scissors will get through interlock or plait braided styles and can be adjusted to easily cut on a 90° or 45° angle. If cutting butt joins at 90°, they can handle packings up to 25mm² (1”). For skive joins at 45° they are limited to 16mm (5/8”) packings.

Sure-Cut Packing Cutters are also ideal for cutting rubber O ring cord, solid rubber strip, sponge rubber, and extruded rubber profiles. 

SKU SWM000147B01V0001

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