Silicoul 3.7kV Cable - 10mm², Brown Silicone Coated, Per Metre

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  • Excellent resistance to thermal shock, working temperature range of -60°C to +180°C.
  • Good flexibility and compatible with most impregnating resins.
  • Excellent mechanical strength, abrasion resistance and resistance to ageing.
  • Available by the metre.

Silicoul® 3.7kV Cable is a flexible and extremely durable medium-voltage cable with excellent temperature resistance. This cable is manufactured by Omerin® in France and is something of an industry standard for cabling in critical applications.

Silicoul 3.7kV is consists of a tinned copper core, separation band and silicone rubber insulation that is coated in a braided, reinforced synthetic fabric for added strength. As the name suggests, this cable has a Rated Voltage of 3.7kV. It has a Test Voltage of 10kV.

This cable is identified by its distinctive brown colour. It also has a standard marking of “OMERIN - SILICOUL 3.7 KV - {cross-section}” printed on its length in regular intervals.

More information on the various attributes of this cable is included in the sections below:

Silicoul 3.7kV High Temperature Cable.

All Silicoul cables are designed for high operating temperatures. They can withstand continuous exposure to environments between -60°C and +180°C. Silicoul Cables can also withstand short-term spikes up to +230°C.

This cable has excellent resistance to thermal shock.

High Mechanical Strength and Environmental Resistance.

The braided reinforcement added to the insulation on our Silicoul 3.7kV significantly increases mechanical strength and abrasion resistance. This cable is tough yet still flexible enough to be easy to work with and install.

Silicoul Cables also have excellent resistance to ageing, UV radiation and the damaging effects of corona. They are halogen free and are compatible with most electrical impregnating resins and varnishes.

Typical Applications for Silicoul 3.7kV Cable.

This medium voltage cable is widely used if a range of physically demanding applications. These include:

  • Cabling of static and rotating machines such as electric motors, generators, stators, rotors and transformers.
  • Power cabling on offshore oil rigs and equipment.
  • Cabling in the marine, rail and transport industries.
  • Wiring up power cabinets.
  • Power cabling for wind & hydro power generation equipment.

Silicoul 3.7kV Silicone Coated Cable Approvals and Standards.

Lloyd’s Register approval certificates:
Compliance with the tests described as per standards IEC 60228, IEC 60092-350/360, IEC 60754-2, IEC 60332-1-1/2, IEC 60332-3-22 category A and IEC 60331-11/21.

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