Fabric Bakelite Sheet 0.8mm Thick x 250mm x 250mm

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  • High strength insulation material with good physical properties
  • Economical and versatile
  • Can be machined to tight tolerances

Fabric Bakelite Sheet is a versatile and economical grade of hard wearing plastic that is used in a variety of areas. Typical uses include the manufacture of wear plates, electrical insulation pads, bushes, bolt sleeves, saw guides, rollers and conveyor wheels. It machines well and can be accurately cut and drilled.

This particular type of Bakelite is manufactured from thermosetting phenol formaldehyde resin reinforced with layers of fabric. This combination is then heated and pressed to create a tough, dense materials with good heat resistance, electrical insulation properties and the ability to withstand abrasion.

Perhaps due to the fact it’s been around in one form or another since about 1907, Fabric Bakelite Sheet is known by many names. These include canvas Bakelite, phenolic Bakelite, SRBF and phenolic resin bonded fabric. Part of the reason for this naming variation is that, over time, numerous grades of Bakelite have developed with some designed for highly specific, specialised applications.

Our Fabric Bakelite Sheet is an all-round grade that provides good mechanical strength, electrical properties and insulation. It withstands temperatures up to 125°C and has a tensile strength of 63.8 MPa (for more information please see the specifications tab or the Technical Data Sheet on Fabric Bakelite located on the media tab).

Sheets of Fabric Bakelite are available in a large selection of thicknesses. Solid Bakelite Rods are also available.

Applications for Bakelite Sheet

  • Electrical Isolating Bolt Sleeves, Washers and Gaskets
  • Manufacturing Jigs
  • Wear Plates
  • Insulating Pads, Bushes and Spacers,
  • Gears
  • Wear Strips and Liners
  • Rollers
  • Saw Guides
  • Pulleys and Conveyor Wheels
  • Slot Wedges and Packers for Electric Motors
  • Pump Vanes

How to Buy Bakelite Sheets Online.

This page lists our range of small sheets (250mm square) of fabric reinforced bakelite. To buy, simply select the thicknesses required.

Our online store also has this material in a number of other sheet sizes. You can browse our range of standard Bakelite sheet sizes here.

We are also pleased to offer all kinds of fabricated washers, strips, panels and parts made from this material. For information on these, please do contact us.

Colour Brown
Heat Resistance (Martens Test) (min.) 125°C
Impact Strength 24.5 KJ/m²
Bond Strength (min.) 5,390 N
Specific Gravity 1.30 - 1.42
Flexural Strength (min.) 103 MPa
Tensile Strength (min.) 63.8 MPa
Electrical Breakdown Strength
Perpendicular to Laminations In
Tranformer Oil at 90°C
4kV/mm (0.5 to 1mm)
3kV/mm (1.1 to 2mm)
2kV/mm (2.1 to 3mm)
SKU SWM000102P01
Brand VoltaStop

Technical Data Sheet.

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Fabric Bakelite Sheet TDS        

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