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  • High quality cork sheet made with a high percentage of Nitrile rubber and cork granules.
  • Ideal for making cork gaskets and seals for transformers and power equipment.
  • Compatible with most transformer oils at temperatures up to 125°C.
  • Stocked in a selection of other thicknesses. Cut parts also available.

TD1150 Transformer Grade Rubberised Cork is a high rubber content cork designed specifically for electrical apparatus sealing. This specialised cork gasket sheet is made from a specialised Nitrile rubber (NBR) combined with small cork granules.

It is highly compatible with most common transformer fluids and exhibits excellent compressive strength, strength and flexibility. It also has good electrical insulation properties and is very durable.

This high quality grade of Cork / Rubber Sheet measures 3mm Thick x 915mm Wide x 915mm Long.

More information on the various characteristics of this cork sheet is included below:

High Performance Gasket Cork Material.

TD1150 is widely used for making cork gaskets & seals. In many ways, it is quite similar to our TD1049 Premium Grade Cork as they are both made with a Nitrile rubber binder. The (primary) difference is in the amount of rubber in the finished sheet with TD1150 having a far higher rubber content.

This high percentage of rubber ensure this cork has very good elongation (100% max.) and compressive strength (exceeds 70 MPa). It has a shore durometer hardness of 70 Shore A and a broad sealing stress range (3 MPa to 20 MPa).

TD1150 Transformer Cork Gaskets Volume Change over Time In Mineral Oil Chart

TD1150 Electrical Cork Gaskets Heat Aging Data

Compatible with Most Transformer Oils.

Used all around the world for electrical bushings and gaskets, TD1150 has been tested in conjunction with a variety of transformer fluids. A summary of this cork sheets fluid compatibility is included below:

Fluid Contact  
Mineral Oil Recommended
Natural Ester Oil Recommended
Silicone Oil Recommended
SF6 Gas Suitable

Results According to:
ASTM D3455: Test Methods for Compatibility of Construction Materials with Electrical Insulating Oil of Petroleum origin.
ASTM D5282: Test Methods for Compatibility of Construction.

In addition to the transformer fluids listed above, this cork sheet is also highly compatible with all liquids and media that Nitrile can usually handle. These include air, water, alcohols, fuel, diesel oils, glycol and more. Our Rubber Chemical Compatibility Guide has a far longer list.

Applications for TD1150 Electrical Grade Cork.

This high-quality cork is manufactured by Amorim and used all around the world. By far, the most common application for TD1150 is making cork gaskets and seals for transformers and electrical devices.

It is also used for making electrical bushings and in a variety of applications outside of the electrical industry including pipe support liners and general-purpose cork gaskets.

Colour Black
Continuous Operating Temperature -30°C to 125°C
Binder Type Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR)
Compatible with Oil Yes
Compatible with Fuel Yes
Compatible with Mineral Oil Yes
Compatible with Natural Ester Oil Yes
Compatible with Silicone Oil Yes
Compatible with SF6 Gas Yes
Hardness 70 Shore A (ASTM D2240)
Tensile Strength 2.5 MPa (ASTM D412, Die C)
Density 1,100 kg/m³ (ASTM D297)
Elongation 100% (ASTM D412, Die C)
Volume Resistivity Ρ (Ώ.cm) 2.1 x 1010 
(ASTM D257, 23°C, 50% RH, 500V dc.


TD1150 Electrical Cork Gaskets Sealing Stress Data

A Load Deflection (LD) curve is a Stress (MPa) vs. Strain (mm) curve. lt is the load required to compress a material at a defined
thickness for a determined deflection.

lt is very useful when making material selections to meet
engineering requirements such as flange load or controlled compression applications.

lf you require LD data at a different thickness, just ask us.


TD1150 Transformer Cork Gaskets Application Stress Data

Conformability is the ability of a gasket material to conform to flange surface roughness and out-of-flatness.

At a given sealing stress a corresponding maximum allowable flange distortion assures that a “positive seal” is guaranteed for a defined material thickness.

By intersecting the hardware distortion and the respective sealing stress, a suggested material thickness is selected. However it is always recommended to validate the material thickness in your system due to unexpected  flange distortion behaviour.


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