15NB Table D & E Ring Face Flange Gasket, 1.5mm Topgraph 2000

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  • High Performance Pipe Flange Gaskets for elevated temperatures.
  • Manufactured from Topgraph 2000; a flexible, high-temp graphite material with a blend of synthetic fibres.
  • Used for sealing steam to 300°C, other media to 500°C.
  • Cut to size in our Australian facilities and available in the full range of standard BS 3063 Table D & Table E Gasket Sizes.

Topgraph 2000 Flange Gaskets are often selected for medium to high temperature sealing applications. They are widely used for exhausts, automotive and steam pipe flanges as well as many other situations that require a material capable of maintaining flexibility and sealing performance in elevated temperatures.

The gaskets featured on this page are manufactured in our Australian facilities to suit the size requirements of BS 3063 Table D and/or Table E Flanges. Read on for more information about the different sizes and additional info on Topgraph 2000 as a gasket material.

Flange Gaskets to Suit BS 3063 Size Info.

This page lists ring types gaskets. This style of gasket is designed to sit inside the bolts of the flanges and is known by quite a few names, including:

  • RF Flange Gaskets.
  • IBC Gaskets (Inner Bolt Circle).
  • Raised Face Gaskets (as they are often used on raised face type flanges).
  • Ring Face Gaskets.

The gaskets featured on this page are all cut to suit BS 3063 Flanges in either Table D or Table E configurations (the two most common). In almost all pipe nominal bores (except 150NB, 200NB & 300NB) there’s no difference in gasket size between Table D or Table E (the gasket fits both) when using ring type gaskets.

For those where there is a difference, both Table D and Table E variations are offered separately.

We are pleased to also offer Full Face Topgraph 2000 Gaskets to suit these same flange specifications. You can browse the full Table D & Table E Full Face Topgraph Gasket range here.

Topgraph 2000 Pipe Flange Gaskets Information.

Topgraph 2000 pT Diagram
1 If operating temperatures and pressures fall within this field, a technical examination is normally unnecessary.
2 If your operating temperatures and pressures are within this field, a technical examination is recommended.
3 If operating temperatures and pressures are within this “open“ field, a technical examination is always necessary.

This quality compressed non-asbestos fibre (CNAF) material is made from a combination of graphite and synthetic fibres. It is a specialised grade of gasket paper that is made using a revolutionary process that allows it to offer the flexibility and high temperature sealing performance of graphite with the strength and pressure resistance of synthetic fibres.

Gaskets made from Topgraph 2000 exhibit several performance benefits, some of which are detailed below:

Excellent Temperature Resistance.

Topgraph 2000 is suitable for use with steam up to 300°C. In many other areas of application, temperatures of over 500°C are possible. Like all gasket materials, maximum operating temperature is related to both sealing pressure and the type of media being sealed.

The pT diagram included on the right gives a rough breakdown of this relationship between pressure and temperature. More information is included on our Topgraph 2000 Technical Data Sheet.

Numerous Certifications and Approvals.

Topgraph 2000 been approved for use with a variety of different media. Some of these certifications and approvals include:

  • DIN-DVGW Permit No. NG-5123AU0381 for use in sealing gas.
  • BAM approval in accordance with UVV 28, oxygen (VGB 62) tested up to 130 bar and 95°C for gaseous oxygen.
  • KTW-recommended for water sealing.
  • Meets the technical requirements of BS 7531:2006 Grade AX.
  • TA-Luft (Clean Air) Certificate acc. VDI 2440.

High Degrees of Flexibility, Load Bearing Capacity and Minimal Embrittlement.

Topgraph 2000 material impresses with its good handling in combination with its very high level of load bearing capacity and minimal embrittlement at temperatures up to 300°C.

These properties offer the gasket a high degree of resistance to damage during fitting and under operation, prevents the loss of bolt load and the formation of cracks at high temperature.

Ring Face Flange Gaskets to suit BS 3063 Table D and Table E Size Info Table.

BS 3063 Table D Topgraph 2000 Fibre Gaskets Sizing.

All Dimensions below are given in millimeters (mm).

Flange Nominal
Gasket ID Gasket OD Matches
15NB 1/2" 21 52 E
20NB 3/4" 27 59 E
25NB 1" 34 68 E
32NB 1 1/4" 43 73 E
40NB 1 1/2" 48 84 E
50NB 2" 60 97 E
65NB 2 1/2" 76 110 E
80NB 3" 89 129 E
90NB 3 1/2" 102 148 E
100NB 4" 114 160 E
125NB 5" 140 191 E
150NB 6" 168 216 -
200NB 8" 219 273 -
250NB 10" 273 333 E
300NB 12" 324 384 -
350NB 14" 381 444.5 E
400NB 16" 432 495 E
450NB 18" 483 559 E
500NB 20" 533 616 E
600NB 24" 635 728 E

BS 3063 Table E Topgraph 2000 Fibre Gaskets Sizing.

All Dimensions below are given in millimeters (mm).

Flange Nominal
Gasket ID Gasket OD Matches
15NB 1/2" 21 52 D
20NB 3/4" 27 59 D
25NB 1" 34 68 D
32NB 1 1/4" 43 73 D
40NB 1 1/2" 48 84 D
50NB 2" 60 97 D
65NB 2 1/2" 76 110 D
80NB 3" 89 129 D
90NB 3 1/2" 102 148 D
100NB 4" 114 160 D
125NB 5" 140 191 D
150NB 6" 168 213 -
200NB 8" 219 270 -
250NB 10" 273 333 D
300NB 12" 324 381 -
350NB 14" 381 444.5 D
400NB 16" 432 495 D
450NB 18" 483 559 D
500NB 20" 533 616 D
600NB 24" 635 728 D
Colour Black (Branded on one side)
Compressibility (ASTM F 36 J) 10%  
Recovery (ASTM F 36 J) 60% Minimum
Stress Relaxation (DIN 52913) 50 MPa 50 MPa, 16 hours / 300°C
Klinger Cold / Hot Compression
(50 MPa)
Thickness Decrease at 23°C
Thickness Decrease at 300°C
Tightness According to DIN 3535/6 0.5 ml/min  
Density 1.75 g/cm³  
Soluble Cloride Content <50ppm  
Immersion In Oil JRM 903
5 Hours @ 150°C
Thickness Increase
Weight Increase
Immersion in Fuel B
5 Hours @ 23°C
Thickness Increase
Weight Increase
Immersion in Water
5 Hours @ 100°C
Thickness Increase
Weight Increase
ASME Code Sealing Factors
Y = 25 MPa
M = 4 MPa
Tightness Class 0.1 mg / s x m

For more technical information, please refer to our Klingersil Topgraph 2000 Data Sheet.


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