Ultratrac H950 GPO3 Insulation Board 2.4mm Thick x 1200mm x 2400mm

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  • Meets or exceeds all requitements for NEMA GPO3 Electrical Insulation Materials.
  • Excellent flame resistance and high arc protection.
  • High voltage electrical insulation sheet with good physical strength and heat resistance.
  • Available in a large selection of thicknesses and cut panels. Custom sizes and parts also available on request.

Our Ultratrac H950 GPO3 Polyester Glass Insulation Board is a high voltage electrical insulation material with good electrical properties, heat, arc and tracking resistance and excellent mechanical strength.

This rigid electrical insulation sheet material is made from a special polyester resin that is reinforced with omnidirectional glass fibres. The result is a tough, strong board that can be machined to tight tolerance and withstand large amounts of wear and physical stress.

Ultratrac H950 is produced by Haysite in the United States and is used in several different industries and applications. Many of its features and capabilities are expanded on below:

Meets or Exceeds All Requirements of NEMA GPO3.

Manufactured by Haysite in the USA and trusted throughout the world, H950 Ultratrac meets or exceeds all the requirements for a NEMA GPO3 insulation material.

H950 has excellent flame resistance and has a UL recognised flammability rating of UL 94 V-0.

Arc protection and resistance is also very strong and has been tested in accordance with D-495 standards. In this test, H950 recorded an Arc Resistance rating of 194 seconds.

More information on these properties, as well as ignition times, smoke density and more is included on our comprehensive H950 Technical Data Sheet.

High Voltage Electrical Insulation Material.

H950 is used in a variety of different electrical insulation applications due to its excellent electrical properties. In addition to the aforementioned arc resistance, H950 has good dielectric strength which is rated as:

  • 55kV - Dielectric Strength, Parallel, Step-By-Step In Oil.
  • 525 VPM - Dielectric Strength, Short Time In Oil 1/16", VPM.
  • 5.2 – Dielectric Constant @ 60Hz.
  • 0.06 – Dissipation Factor @ 60Hz.

Good Heat Resistance.

H950 GPO3 Laminate has a maximum operating temperature of 160°C which makes it suitable for use in all Class F (or below) electrical applications.

As mentioned earlier, this material has excellent flame resistance and very low smoke generation which has led to its use in all kinds of underground and tunnel applications.

Excellent Physical Strength and Machinability.

Our H950 GPO3 Insulation Board is extremely tough and strong. Made with a quality polyester resin, this material is suitable for machining to tight tolerance thanks (in part) to the omni-directional glass fibres that are scattered throughout the board.

These fibres reinforce the material in all directions and allow tight-tolerance machining without the threat of layer splitting that is seen in some other types of laminates. Below is a summary of some of H950’s physical properties, more are listed on the TDS.

Tensile Strength 11,000 PSI
Flexural Strength 25,000 PSI
Compressive Strength 30,000 PSI
Shear Strength 14,000 PSI
Impact Strength
Izod, Edgewise
9.5 Ft lbs/In. Notch
Barcol Hardness 62
Water Absorption 0.2%
Density 1.160 kg/m³

In addition to exhibiting excellent strength, Haysite H950 has been independently tested and found to be non-toxic as defined by Military Specification MIL M-14H. It also meets the US Government Specification MIL-I-24768/6.

Popular Applications for GPO3 Polyester Glass Insulation Boards.

This high quality polyester glass electrical insulation board is used by numerous industries. Some of the more frequent applications we’ve seen include:

  • High voltage insulation spacers and supports for electrical machinery.
  • Slot wedges for electric motors operating up to Class F.
  • Insulation bars.
  • Transformer spacers.
  • Phase and end barriers.
  • Switchgear links bars and components.
  • Brake resistor panels.
  • Transformer insulation components.
  • Flame retardant applications in plants, machinery and underground environments.
  • For making insulating bushes and washers.
  • Arc chutes and arc resistance panels.
  • In the transport industry where smoke generation of toxicity are of concern.
  • Mechanical applications where a rigid, heat resistant board is required.

Information on our Stocked Range of UltraTrac H950 GPO3 Insulation Material.

Stocked in a Large Range of Thicknesses.

We are proud to stock our Ultratrac H950 in the full range of manufactured sizes. We hold all of our stock in Australia, so we can get you the insulation you need fast. The full range of available thicknesses is listed below:

2.4mm (0.095") 8mm (0.315") 19mm (0.748")
3.2mm (0.126") 9.5mm (0.374" 25.4mm (1")
4.8mm (0.189") 12.7mm (0.5") 38mm (1.496")
6.4mm (0.252") 15.9mm (0.626")  

Available in a Selection of Standard Sizes.

In addition to holding large quantities of sheet stock, we are pleased to offer this high-quality electrical insulation material in a selection of standard sheet and panel sizes. Those currently available online are listed below. For custom cut / size panels or components made from Ultratrac GPO3 Insulation Board, please do contact us. We’ll be happy to assist.

  • 300mm Sqaure.
  • 600mm Square.
  • 1200mm Square.
  • 1200mm Wide x 2400mm Long.

Links to the other sheet sizes are included below.

Ultratrac H950 Physical Properties

Property Value Test Method
/ Standard
Colour Red -
Density 1,160 kg/m³ -
Specific Gravity 1.80 D-792
Water Absorption 0.20% D-229
UL Flammability Class 94V-O UL94
Flame Resistance
Ignition Time 130 Seconds D-229
Burning Time 33 Seconds D-229
Radiant Panel 5.0 Flame Spread E-162
Smoke Density
At 4 Minutes, Flaming.
0 Optical Density E-662
Tunnel Test
6.4mm Thickness
<25 Flame Spread E-84
Temperature Class 160°C -

H950 Mechanical Properties.

Property Value Test Method
/ Standard
Tensile Strength 11,000 PSI D-638
Flexural Strength 25,000 PSI D-790
Modulus of Elasticity in Flexure 1.5 X106PSI D-790
Compressive Strength 30,000 PSI D-695
Bond Strength
12.7mm Thickness
1,400 PSI D-229
Shear Strength 14,000 PSI D-732
Impact Strength
Izod, Edgewise
9.5 Ft lbs/In. Notch D-256

H950 Electrical Properties.

Property Value Test Method
/ Standard
Dielectric Strength, Short Time In Oil, 1.6mm 525 VPM D-149
Dielectric Strength, Parallel, Step-By-Step In Oil, KV 55.0 KV D-149
Arc Resistance 194 Seconds D-495
Comparative Track Index 600+ Seconds CTI
Incline Plane Track Resistance >1,000 Minutes D-2303
Dielectric Constant @60HZ 5.2 D-150
Dissipation Factor @ 60 Hz 0.06 D-150
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