Anti-Friction Spray MoS2 - 400ml

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  • Dry lubricant for stressed parts made from metals, plastics and wood.
  • Excellent pressure resistance and suitable for use in -200°C to +450°C environments.
  • Particularly well-suited for low sliding speed, high pressure load applications.
  • High proportion of MoS2 provides clean sliding lubrication, reduced friction and less operating noise.

Our Anti-Friction Spray MoS2 is an industrial-grade lubricating spray manufactured by Weicon in Germany. This dry lubricant spray is made with a high percentage of MoS2 and is extremely long lasting thanks to its high adherence and pressure resistance.

This spray on lubricant is often used for shortening and improving slide-in conditions for sliding bearings, gears and other slide pairings. It is particularly effective in situations where there is a high pressure load on the parts and low sliding speeds.

Anti-Friction Spray MoS2 can be used on sliding and running rails and guides, conveyor belts, transport rollers and slides. It is also suitable for use as a coating for cutting, on loading technology products, as a substitute for release agents containing silicone, and wherever oil or grease lubrication is not permitted or desired.

This lubricating spray bonds well to metals, plastics and wood. The layer created with Anti-Friction Spray MoS2 repels dirt and dust as well as water. It is resistant to oils, greases and many chemicals.

This industrial, dry lubricant spray is able to be used in numerous applications with continuous operating temperatures between -200°C and +450°C. It will tolerate short-term spikes to +500°C.

Weicon Anti-Friction Spray MoS2 is black in colour. Coatings made with this spray are dust dry after just 2-3 minutes. They achieve final hardness after about 30 minutes.

Colour Black / Anthractite
Scent Solvent
Temperature Resistance -200°C to +450°C (Short-Term to +500°C)
Dust Dry Time 2-3 Minutes
Fully Dry 30 Minutes
Minimum Shelf-Life  24 Months
ISSA Reference 53.402.27
IMPA Refernece 45 08 32
SKU SWM000393B01V0001
Model # 11539400
Brand Weicon