Anti-Spatter Spray - 400ml

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  • Engineered to clean welding nozzles and keep them clean.
  • Prevents welding splashes from sticking to surfaces or gas welding nozzles.
  • German-Engineered, SLV Tested spray that is completely free of silicone.

Our Anti-Spatter Spray is designed to make welding faster, cleaner and easier. It is a high quality, industrial grade, anti-spatter spray that prevents weld build up in the nozzle. It is also a highly effective masking agent that prevents errant weld spray from sticking to surfaces around the target area.

Engineered by Weicon in Germany, Anti-Spatter Spray is used in workshops and industrial facilities around the world (it used to be known as Weicon Welding Protection Spray). It can be sprayed directly into the welding nozzle. When used in this way, it both cleans the nozzle and keeps it clean. It also eliminates the need for post-work cleaning with a spatula, brush or chisel.

Another common use for this quality spray is the protection of work pieces and surfaces. Once applied, it prevents the adhesion of welding splashes and offers gap-free protection for the welding process.

After welding has been completed, you’ll be able to bronze, galvanise, anodise or paint the work piece without special cleaning. The only exception is in situations where very large amounts of spray have been applied. In these cases, removing the excess Anti-Spatter spray can be done quickly with a little Weicon Cleaner S.

Applications for Anti-Spatter Spray

  • Cleaning welding nozzles.
  • Preventing welding splashes from sticking to the welding nozzle and eliminating the need for post-work cleaning.
  • Serving as a masking agent to prevent weld splashes from stick to surfaces around the target weld area.
Colour Colourless
Scent Solvent
Minimum Shelf-Life  24 Months
Approvals SLV Tested
IMPA Reference 45 08 42
ISSA Reference 53.402.44
SKU SWM000172B01V0001
Model # 11700400
Brand Weicon