Cable Scissors No. 35

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  • Two position handles for increased safety.
  • Serrated blades made from specialised stainless steel for a precise, safe cut.
  • Cut copper cables up to 35mm², aluminium cables to 50mm².
  • Crimp wire ends between 0.5mm² and 4mm².
  • Also includes a quality sheath for storage and safety.

Our No. 35 Cable Cutting Scissors are a versatile tool engineered for industrial use. Manufactured by Weicon in Germany, these scissors are able to cut through a large range of cable sizes thanks to their specialised blade and two-position handle.

The blades themselves are made from very high quality INOX stainless steel while the handles are hardened plastic. These scissors are designed to withstand the rigours of frequent, heavy duty use and are used in various industries and workshops all around the world.

These special cable scissors can be used for cable & wire cutting, stripping and crimping making them an extremely versatile addition to any workshop.

The following sections cover these scissors in a little more detail. The video (linked above and via the Media tab on this page) also provides an excellent overview of the capabilities these cable cutting and crimping scissors possess.

Cable Cutting Scissors Close Up Cutting Large, Multi-Core Cable, CloseEasy Cutting of a Large Range of Cable Sizes.

Our Weicon Cable Scissors are used for cutting everything from the smallest of single core wires right up to large, multi-core cables with heavy insulation layers.

These cable scissors can be used to cut flexible, copper conductor cable up to 35mm². With flexible aluminium conductor cables, this range increases to 50mm².

The dual position handle helps facilitate this as these scissors can be used in both the traditional method (fingers in the holes) or in the same way you’d hold a pair of pliers with your hands position on the outside of each handle.

Integrated Crimping Tool.

Located on the inside of the handle near the hinge is a crimping slot. Once you have the cable cut, this can be used to crimp terminals onto wires between 0.5mm² and 4mm².

Premium-Grade Cutting Blades for a Safe, Reliable Cut.

The blades used for our 35 Cable Scissors are made from a very high-quality grade of Inox Stainless Steel.

These have a hardness of HRC 55 to withstand repeated use and are surface ground with a finely serrated edge. This helps prevent the scissors from slipping while being used and ensures that you get a good, clean cut through all kinds of cable.

Cable Cutting Scissors Dual Position UseTwo Position Handle for Cutting Various Cables.

To facilitate the cutting of larger diameter cables, our No. 35 Cable Cutting Scissors can be held in two different ways.

The first sees you holding them like you would a standard pair of scissors with your fingers through the handle holes.

The second is more like how you would hold a pair of pliers with your hands positioned on the grips located on the outside of each handle. This allows for additional force to be exerted on the cut and makes the cutting or larger cables far more efficient.

Included Safety Sheath.

Each pair of Weicon Cable Scissors comes with their own safety sheath. This has a belt clip on the back and gives you a safe storage place for these scissors when they’re not being used.

Designed for Heavy-Duty, Industrial Use.

Weicon Cable Tools are trusted the around the world because of their consistent quality and durability. These scissors are no exception.

Every decision taken in their design has been to maximise utility and quality. The blades are made from hardened stainless and finely ground to precise specifications. The handles are manufactured from high density plastic.

Even the screw joint that holds the two handles together has been engineered to be non-loosening and adjustable if desired.

Field of Use Fine Stranded Copper Cables up to 35mm².
Fine Stranded Aluminium Cables up to 50mm².
Blade Hardness HRC 55
Additional Features / Benefits Dismantling, Stripping and Crimping of Wire End Between 0.5mm² and 4mm².
Material Stainless Steel Blades made from INOX Steel.
Length 150mm
Weight 90gm
Accessories Included Safety Sheatth with Belt Clip.


SKU SWM000467B01V0001
Model # 52000035
Brand Weicon