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  • High quality, weather-resistant metal spray used for painting, coating and restoring all kinds of surfaces.
  • Made with premium-grade, 99.9% pure copper pigments.
  • Easy to use with excellent adhesion and extremely long lasting.

Weicon Copper Spray is a high performance type of metal spray with a variety of uses. It can be used for coating and painting all kinds of surfaces and has a high copper content for creating outstanding protective or decorative coatings.

Copper Spray can be used on surfaces that will be indoors or outdoors as it has excellent weather-resistance. It is made with very high purity (around 99.9% pure) copper pigments and a very effective acrylic resin binding agent that ensures it sticks to most types of surfaces and materials.

Weicon Copper Spray is excellent at withstanding high temperatures and can handle on-going exposure to environments between -50°C (-58°F) and +300°C (572°F).

Just some of the more popular uses for this spray include…

  • Restoring or copper colouring of windows sills, roof gutters and drain pipes.
  • Changing the appearance of lights and light fittings to give them a more rustic appearance.
  • Painting and rust proofing mailboxes, guard rails, posts and fences.
  • Automotive finishing and restoration work.
  • Painting and coating parts of BBQ’s, stoves, cookers and heating equipment.
  • Coating metal objects for decoration or rust prevention purposes.
  • All kinds of general DIY, craft and decoration work where the desired result is a copper finish.

Engineered by Weicon in Germany, this high quality spray will be dust dry about 10 minutes after application and fully hardened 4-6 hours later. No top coat is necessary though it can be painted over (once fully hardened) if this is desired.

For more technical specifications and details on this high quality restoration, surface coating and anti-corrosion spray, please see the comprehensive technical data sheet located on the media tab.

Colour Copper Metallic Matt Finish
Areas of Use Indoors and Outdoors
Binding Agent Acrylic Resin
Pigment Copper Pigments
Pigment Purity 99.9% (Approx.)
Percentage of Metal in the Dry Film 50% (Approx.)
Specific Gravity 0.9 - 1 g/cm³
Suggested Primer Weicon Zinc Spray
Processing Temperature +5°C to +35°C (Ideal is 18°C - 25°C)
Consumption w/ 1.5 Cross Coats 120ml / m² (Approx.)
Layer Thickness w/ 1.5 Cross Coats 20-30μm
Dust Dry 10 Minutes (Approx.)
Hardened 4-6 Hours (Approx.)
Paintable 4-6 Hours (Approx.)
Abrasion Resistant Yes
Cross-Cutting (DIN 53151 / ISO 2409) Cross Cut Characteristic Value
GT 0 to GT 1
Salt Spray Test (ISO 9227) Not Tested
Mandrel Bend Test (DIN EN ISO 1519) No Hair Cracking
Top Coating Not Required
Temperature Resistance
(After Complete Hardening)
-50°C to +300°C

For more information on how to use our Copper Spray and achieve best results, we really do suggest consulting the Technical and Safety data sheets located on the media tab.

SKU SWM000159B01V0001
Model # 11101400
Brand Weicon

Technical & Safety Data Sheets.

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