Flex 310M 2K MS Polymer, Grey, 250ml

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  • Fast Curing, Industrial Grade Adhesive with a variety of uses.
  • Sandable, Weather-Resistant, UV Resistant and extremely long lasting.
  • Strong, 2-part adhesive that can be used to bond larger surfaces and cover gaps up to 10mm.
  • Compatible with almost all types of materials including metals, stone, ceramic, glass and most plastics.

Our Flex 310M 2K MS Polymer is a specialised, 2-part adhesive that is widely used in specialised industrial and commercial applications. Flex 310M 2K is grey in colour and is completely free of silicone, isocyanate and solvents.

Manufactured by Weicon in Germany, this strong elastic adhesive is often selected for jobs that require a particularly high strength bond across larger surface areas and with bonding gaps larger than a contact adhesive (such as GMK 2510) can bridge.

Flex 310 M 2K is has a thick, paste-like viscosity and can cover gaps up to 10mm. Despite this high density, it still offers a fast cure time, summarised below:

Skin Over Time Processing Time Capable of Mechnical Load Bearing
5 Minutes 10 Minutes 60 Minutes

This high strength elastic adhesive has a variety of features and benefits. These are explored further in the sections below.

High Strength Bonding and Sealing.

One of the main reasons Flex 310 2K is selected is strength. It develops very strong, lasting bonds with a wide range of different materials and possesses good strength itself to prevent tearing of the sealant.

In many applications, this industrial-grade MS Polymer has proven to outperform one-part adhesives and sealants (silicone, urethane and MS polymer based).

As with all adhesives, bonding strength will be enhanced by roughening surfaces a little (whenever possible) and always making sure that they are thoroughly cleaned, dried and free of contaminants before the adhesive is applied.

Once cured, Flex 310 2K has a average tensile strength of 2.2 N/mm² for the pure adhesive and a DIN 53283 tested average tensile shear strength of 1.3 N/mm².

It also remains flexible so that joint movement can be absorbed without the bond breaking. Elongation at break is 350% while Shore A Hardness is 40 Duro.

Excellent Resistance to various Media and Application Influences.

Weicon Flex 310 M 2K can be used for indoor or outdoor applications and has good resistance to sunlight and weathering. This is a water-proof adhesive (once cured) that can also handle exposure to a variety of different fluids.

Wide Ranging Material Compatibility.

Flex 310 M 2K is able to be used with all types of metal, glass, ceramic, stone, wood and most fabrics. Plastics are a little more complicated.

Flex 310 M 2K will work well with most plastics but lower surface energy (LSE) materials such as Polyethylene, Polypropylene or PTFE can pose a challenge.

If you need to bond or seal these LSE Plastics, we suggest considering the use of a primer in conjunction with the adhesive sealant.

Flex 310 M 2 K is also a good choice for bonding most types of rubber. The exceptions are EPDM (Primer P400 is suggested) and Silicone Rubber. No MS Polymer is suggested for bonding Silicone.

Easy to Use and Apply.

Though it is two-part adhesive, the special mixing nozzle included with each cartridge of Flex 310 M 2K eliminates the need for any mixing or measuring. Simply slice the top of the cartridge, attach the nozzle and insert into a standard caulking (cartridge) gun.

This MS Polymer adhesive sealant does not require any special equipment or dispensers to use.

Once ready to bond, squeeze the trigger and reject the first 5-8 crm of the dosed bead. After that you’re good to apply. Just be sure to only apply to one of the surfaces being bonded.

Spare mixing nozzles for Flex 310 M 2K are also available

For more information on surface preparation and storage, please consult our Flex 310 M 2K Technical Data Sheet or either of the SDS found via the media tab on this page.

Typical Applications for Flex 310M 2K.

  • High strength surface bonding (especially when surfaces are rough or a little separated).
  • Metal construction and engineering work.
  • Machine and system construction.
  • Ship and boat maintenance and construction.
  • Air conditioning & ventilation systems.
  • Furniture making and repair.
  • All kinds of applications where adhesives containing silicones are not suitable.
Property Typical Value Standard
Colour Grey -
Basis Two Part MS Polymer (2K – Hybrid Polymer) -
Viscosity Pasty -
Density 1.4 g/cm³ -
Skin-Over Time 5 MInutes -
Processing Time 10 MInutes -
Capable of Mechanical Load Bearing 60 MInutes -
Cure Type Chemical Polymerisation -
Volume Change 1% DIN 52451
Max. Gap Filling Capacity 10mm -
Shore Hardness 40 Shore A (+/- 5) DIN 535 / ASTM D 224
Elongation at Break 350% (+/- 5) DIN 53504 / ASTM D 2240
Tensile Strength of the Pure Adhesive Sealant 2.2 N/mm² -
Average Tensile Shear Strength 1.3 N/mm² DIN 53283 / ASTM D 12
Building Material Category Code B 2  
Temperature Resisance -40°C to +90°C -
Minimum Shelf Life 12 Months when stored at 5°C to 25°C -
SKU SWM000047B01V0001
Model # 13305250
Brand Weicon