Urethane 60 Polyurethane Compound - 500gm Kit

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  • Versatile compound for making polyurethane castings and coatings.
  • Can be used to create very thin protective coatings with high tear strength and wear resistance.
  • Cures at room temperature to form a rubber-like material.
  • Bonds well to most surfaces.

Our Urethane 60 Compound is a simple to use kit designed for making polyurethane parts and coatings. This versatile liquid urethane can also be used as an adhesive for flexible, semi-elastic surface bonding.

The sections below provide more information on the various attributes and capabilities of this compound:

Simple to work with Polyurethane Compound.

Urethane 60 is quite easy to use and apply. Mix the two parts together thoroughly (there’s space left in the containers so one can be added to the other). The mixture will have a viscosity of around 1500 mPa·s which will allow it to be poured and spread quite easily (for reference motor oils are around 1,000-2,000 mPa·s).

Pot life for the mixture will be about 25 minutes for 10ml of material at 20°C.

Resilient Once Cured.

Urethane 60 cures at room temperature and after 12-20 hours will be able to bear mechanical loads or be released from a mould. Full cure takes about 48 hours.

Once it is cured, this compound will have transformed into a high strength, flexible product. Urethane 60 will have a hardness of 60 Shore A (the same as most of our rubber sheets). It will also be quite flexible and retain this flexibility in temperatures between -60°C and +90°C.

Urethane 60 also exhibits excellent wear resistance as well as high tensile and tear strength. It is not particularly sensitive to humidity and can be applied in very thin layers without compromising performance.

Adheres to a Variety of Materials and Surfaces.

Whether you are using Urethane 60 to join materials or as a protective coating, adhesion is important.

Urethane 60 bonds well to a variety of different surface types and materials including various metals, concrete, stone, brick, marble, rubber (except silicone), wood, timber-like products and many more.

Common Applications for Urethane 60.

This versatile product is used for several different applications around the world. Some of the more popular ones we see include:

  • Surface protection for metal parts.
  • Large surface area bonding where good elasticity is required.
  • Creating impact protection surfaces for various compounds.
  • Rebuilding damaged polyurethane parts.
  • Wear and rust protection in the marine and transport sectors.
  • For making moulded urethane parts.
  • For all kinds of wear protection applications in the construction, engineering and facilities maintenance industries.
Basis Polyurethane
Mix Ratio 100 : 150 (Resin / Hardener)
Density of the Mixture 1.04 g/cm³
Viscosity of the Mixture 1.500 mPa·s
Colour Beige (after curing)
Pot Life (10ml of Material at 20°C) 25 Minutes
Mechanical Loads / Detachable After 12 - 20 Hours
Full Cure 48 Hours
Tensile Strength (ISO 37) 5 MPa
Elongation at Break (ISO 37) 1,250%
Resistance to Tearing 10 kN/m
Shore Hardness 60 Shore A
Temperature Resistance -60°C to +90°C
IMPA Reference Number 81 29 62
ISSA Reference Number 75.509.41
SKU SWM000066B01V0001
Model # 10516005
Brand Weicon