Visor Cleaner Spray – Special Cleaner for Sensitive Plastics and Glass - 200ml

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  • Specialised cleaning spray designed especially for cleaning clear glass and plastics.
  • Antistatic and antireflective properties help improve clarity.
  • Engineered to clean surfaces without damaging them.
  • Versatile spray used for everything from welding facemasks to industrial view panels.

Our Visor Cleaner Spray is a specially engineered cleaning spray used for clear plastics and glass. This cleaner effectively removes contamination caused by insects, dirt, dust and grease. It doesn’t leave behind streaks nor damage the surface.

Manufactured in Germany by Weicon, this quality cleaner is fast acting and easy to use. For most surfaces, just spray on and allow it to react for 20 seconds. Wipe off with a clean cloth. On sensitive surfaces or electrical appliances, spray Visor Cleaner onto a soft, lint-free cloth and then clean the surface with light pressure (always turn any appliance off completely first).

This specialised cleaning spray has both antistatic and antireflective properties to help improve view clarity through clean surfaces. It helps reduce dazzling and is widely used for cleaning the visors on welding masks.

Weicon Visor Cleaner Spray leaves behind no residues and is neutral to surfaces.

This cleaning spray is used in all kinds of areas around the world. Common applications include the cleaning of all kinds of visors, welding face shields, safety goggles, safety glass, plastic view panels on industrial machines (e.g. CNCs, laser cutters) and on printers, scanners and other types of clean plastic or glass.

Colour (as applied) White
Odour Almost Odourless
Minimum Shelf Life 24 Months
ISSA Code 53.402.20
IMPA Code 45 08 06
SKU SWM000302B01V0001
Model # 11211200
Brand Weicon