3M Scotch 24 Electrical Shielding Tape - 25mm Wide x 4.5 Metres

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  • Highly conformable, all metal open weave braided tape.
  • Compatible with all high voltage splicing and termination materials.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, unaffected by solvents, UV, ozone or moisture.
  • Fire resistant, stable at elevated temperatures and elongates easily to conform to inclined or uneven surfaces.

3M Scotch 24 Electrical Shielding Tape is a specialised type of electrical tape made from braided tinned copper (36 AWG). It is used for shielding on cable joints, in power cable terminations and to smooth conductor area in oil filled cables.

Given its all metal construction, this tape can be used in a range of environments. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications and is not affected by UV, ozone or moisture. It is also corrosion resistant and stable at elevated temperatures.

3M 24 Tape is easily installed. If elongates easily (max. 70%) to make taping irregular objects easier and, because of its construction, the tape interlocks with the previous layer ensuring a tighter trap. This also eliminates the need for a solder bead.

3M Scotch 24 EMI Tape is made using two No. 36 AWG tinned copper wires. It is commonly used to make the conductive portion of the stress cone on power cable terminations or provide shielding for cable joints on shielded power cables.

Scotch® Electrical Shielding Tape 24 should not be used as a ground strap or jumper wire. Its ampacity is not great enough to carry large fault currents.

For more information on this electrical shielding tape, please see the datasheet available on the resources section of this page.

SKU SWM000350B01V0001
Brand 3M