Copper Cable Link - 1.5mm²

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  • Made from seamless, 99.9% high conductivity extruded copper tube which is formed and tin plated.
  • All manufactured to Australian & NZ standards and designed for use with Australian metric compression tools.
  • Available individually or save with larger quantity purchases.
  • Conductor size stamped on the barrel for ease of identification.

Our Copper Compression Links are manufactured from high purity (99.9%) extruded copper tube. This tube is then formed, annealed and electro tin plated. The result is a high-quality compression link which is reliable and economical.

These heavy duty links are each stamped with their conductor size stamped on the barrel.

All our Copper Cable Links are manufactured to suit the requirements of Australian and New Zealand specifications and suit Australian metric compression tooling. For more information on sizes, please refer to the table below or the individual item images.

Copper Cable Compression Link Size Table.

Copper Compression Link Schematic

Conductor Size ID Size A D
1.5mm² 1.8mm Ø 22mm 11mm
2.5mm² 2.4mm Ø 22mm 11mm
4mm² 3.1mm Ø 22mm 11mm
6mm² 3.8mm Ø 22mm 11mm
10mm² 4.7mm Ø 22mm 11mm
16mm² 5.5mm Ø 44mm 22mm
25mm² 7.1mm Ø 48mm 24mm
35mm² 8.2mm Ø 48mm 24mm
50mm² 9.5mm Ø 48mm 24mm
70mm² 11.2mm Ø 52mm 26mm
95mm² 13.4mm Ø 54mm 27mm
120mm² 15.6mm Ø 66mm 33mm
150mm² 16.7mm Ø 66mm 33mm
185mm² 18.4mm Ø 66mm 33mm
240mm² 21.2mm Ø 91mm 45mm
300mm² 23.5mm Ø 91mm 45mm
400mm² 26.8mm Ø 91mm 45mm

Copper Compression Link Schematic

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