A3200 Clear Double Sided Adhesive Mounting Tape - 12mm Wide x 33 Metres

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  • Completely clear tape for discrete joining and bonding jobs
  • Solid acrylic core ensures high strength and long lasting performance
  • Durable adhesive creates strong, long lasting bonds

A3200 Clear Double Sided Adhesive Tape is an economical grade of double sided tape that can be used with a large number of materials. This tape is completely clear and virtually invisible after application. It is also very long lasting and creates high strength bonds that can eliminate the need for traditional, mechanical fasteners.

A3200 Clear Double Sided Adhesive Tape is manufactured from a solid acrylic backing that is strong yet flexible and for easy application. It also features an acrylic based adhesive on both sides of the tape that is compatible with most types of materials and is fast acting for a good, quick stick. Once applied, the strength of the adhesive bond between tape and surface will only increase over time.

This high quality clear double sided tape is used in environments between -35°C and 90°C. It will tolerate short-term spikes up to 150°C. Each roll is supplied with a pretty (we think) light blue polyethylene liner that comes off easily and is strong enough not to tear as you’re removing it.

Applications for A3200 Double Sided Tape.

  • Laminating and mounting security glass panels
  • Installing bath and shower hardware and fixtures
  • Mounting antennas, sensors and cables
  • Bonding muntin bars to glass on windows or doors
  • Attaching door handles to glass doors
  • Building translucent signage 
  • Attaching polycarbonate / Lexan / Plex-i-Glass panels to frames
  • In card making, scrapbooking and craft
  • Model making and model layout construction
Colour Clear / Transparent
Adhesive Type Acrylic
Backing Material Acrylic
Liner Blue Polyethylene
Total Thickness 1mm
Continuous Temperature Rating -35°C to +90°C
Maximum Short-Term Temperature +150°C
Minimum Tape Application Temperature -15°C
Dynamic Shear Adhesion (24 Hours) 276 kPA
90% Peel Adhesion
15 Minutes Paint (Clear Coat) 1239 N/m
72 Hours Paint (Clear Coat) 1593 N/m
72 Hours Stainless Steel 1770 N/m
SKU SWM000073P01

What should I do to prepare the surface before I stick the tape?

Just make sure it is clean and free of any dust or loose particles (e.g. loose paint) that may get in the way of the tape bonding to the actual mounting surface. Cleaning agent selection depends largely on what the mounting surface is and how dirty/oily/contaminated it is.

How clear is it?

Very. It’s not completely translucent but, in our experience, you won’t notice it unless you’re looking for it.

Is there any limit to the temperatures this should be used in?

There is. When you’re first applying the tape try to do when the room temperature is at least 15°C. In fact, the warmer the better and heat increases the bond strength of the adhesive layers.

Once the tape is applied it will tolerate anything between -35°C and +90°C. It’ll also handle short-term spikes (of an hour or so) up to 150°C.

Are other colours available?

Not of this particular grade. We do have quite a selection of double sided tapes though and all are classified by colour.