B Grade Industrial Felt - 1.6mm Thick x 1820mm Wide (Per Metre)

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  • ≥55% wool, medium density felt with good wear, abrasion and tear resistance
  • Pliable and conformable, can be cut and shaped as required
  • Long lasting engineering grade felt with excellent durability

This page lists all our various thicknesses of B Grade Engineering Felt,1820mm wide available by the metre. We also offer this same thickness in 500mm square sheets as standard and in custom cut parts.

B Grade Engineering Felt is a high quality type of industrial felt used for demanding applications. Don’t let the name fool you, though it doesn’t have the same high density as our A Grade Industrial Felt, B Grade Felt is still tough, strong and extremely durable. It has a minimum wool content of 55% and a density of 0.18g/cm³ which, especially when compared to A Grade’s 0.34g/cm³, allows it to compresses and seal well.

B Grade Engineering Felt has excellent chemical compatibility and it is often used around greases, oils and other forms of lubricating / industrial fluids. White in colour, this felt can be cut into precision shapes with ease and retains its shape over a long service life.

Our B Grade Engineering Felt sheet can be used in temperatures up to 93°C. 

Applications for B Grade Industrial Felt.

  • Felt oil seals
  • Felt gaskets
  • Protective padding (knee, shoulder pads)
  • Machinery parts
  • Bearing housings
  • Lower temperature thermal insulation
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Filter pads
  • Door and window seals
Colour White
Continuous Operating Temperature 93°C
Density 0.18 g/cm³
Minimum Wool Content 55%

For more technical information please see the Technical Data Sheet for our B Grade Engineering Felt located on the media tab.

SKU SWM000053B01
Brand Gaskaseal

How do I cut this felt?

Assuming you’re looking to avoid specialised tools, a plain old Stanley knife (aka box cutter) will do the trick. Make sure the blade is sharp and, for greater thicknesses, do multiple cuts of just a couple of millimetres each time. Thinner sheets can be cut with sharp scissors.

Is it itchy?

Generally, no. Of course we can’t speak for every skin and allergy type so we can’t say this unequivocally but we can say that we’ve never experienced any itchiness when cutting this material.

Are other colours available?

Not of this particular grade.