Hand Protective Foam - 200ml

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  • Forms an invisible pair of gloves to protect hands from dirt, grease, irritants and contaminants
  • Water proof and very simple to apply and remove
  • Dermatologically tested foam that contains liposomes to help care for the skin

Hand Protective Foam creates an invisible, protective film to protect your hands from dirt, oils, greases and contaminants. Applied directly to the hands, the invisible gloves it creates are waterproof and present an excellent barrier to keep hands clean and reduce irritation.

Hand Protective Foam is manufactured in Germany and used in workshops all over the world to protect workers’ hands and keep them clean and away from irritants. Since it is applied directly to the skin, it is important to note that Hand Protective Foam has been dermatologically tested and that it also contains liposomes which enhance the benefits it provides to the skin.

The invisible gloves created by Hand Protective Foam are free of grease and transparent. The foam does not have any scent and can be easily removed when work is complete.

Hand Protective Foam is used around the world in many different industrial sectors as well as countless home workshops. Anywhere works need to protect their hands while not wanting (or being able to) use physical gloves this foam may be a solution. It is widely used in the automotive, marine, construction and general engineering sectors though many more potential applications exist.

Using Hand Protective Foam

  • Before starting work, spray the foam onto your hands and rub it in. Ensure you do not miss your finger tips and fingernail beds.
  • Leave it on for around 2 minutes to allow it to form a waterproof, invisible film that will protect your skin and pores from many irritants, lubricants and greases.
  • Once work is complete, the film and any greases or dirt that have stuck to it can be washed off easily with warm water. Only in cases of heavy soiling will additional cleaning agents be required.

Please note, these are general guidelines only. For more specific information we really do recommend consulting the Safety Data Sheet for our Hand Protective Foam

Colour Transparent (White before it dries)
Scent None
Minimum Shelf-Life  24 Months
IMPA 45 08 36
ISSA 53.402.16
SKU SWM000120B01V0001
Model # 11850200
Brand Weicon