Cockpit Spray – 400ml

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  • German made specialist spray designed for protecting vehicle interiors
  • Refreshes dull and weathered plastic, prevents cracking and creates a water-rejecting barrier
  • Creates a permanent, invisible film that prevents contamination and provides an easy to look after, dust-repelling shine

Cockpit Spray is a specially formulated grade of care and protection spray designed for car and vehicle interiors. This easy to use spray creates a transparent, invisible film that forms a permanent protective barrier of treated surfaces. This barrier is water-rejecting and prevents contamination while simultaneously repelling dust and being very easy to care for.

When Cockpit Spray is used on dull or weathered plastics (like those found of some older car dashboards), it helps to refresh the appearance and bring back some of its original shine. When used on rubber, it works to prevent the elastomer from become brittle and cracking and helps it remain supple and elastic. Cockpit Spray will also work to prevent bleaching of treated surfaces and help keep them in their original condition for longer.

Cockpit Spray is manufactured by Weicon in Germany and is used all over the world by motoring enthusiasts, in the marine sector and by commercial companies looking to maintain their fleet of vehicles.

Some of the typical applications for this versatile care and protection spray are listed below. These are just a sample though as we’ve seen Cockpit Spray effectively used on materials as diverse as plastic, synthetic leather, rubber, chrome, seatbelts and the metal on sunroof guides (to help prevent them from sticking).

Cockpit Spray is a colourless, transparent spray that creates a very discreet satin finish. It has a slight citrus smell when used.

Applications for Cockpit Spray

  • Car, truck, train and boat dashboards
  • Lubricating and protecting rubber boot and window seals
  • Protecting the synthetic leather on car roofs
  • Protecting and enhancing the appearance of wooden panels
  • Protecting chrome parts and surfaces
  • Reducing friction and eliminating squeaks on moving parts in car interiors
  • Lubricating seat belts and seat guides
  • Lubricating and protecting moving parts of sunroofs
  • Protecting and lubricating parts for window guides and door locks
  • Protecting parts in areas where greasy soiling is likely to occur
Colour Transparent
Scent Citrus
Minimum Shelf-Life  24 Months
SKU SWM000117B01V0001
Model # 11400400
Brand Weicon