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PVC Spaghetti Tube

Flexible PVC insulation tube for insulating wiring, harnesses and looms. Made from extruded PVC, this tubing is very easy to work with and install. It is self-extinguishing, rated to 105°C and has a smooth surface finish.
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Spiral Wrap Tubing

High-quality, high-density polyethylene spiral wrap sheathing manufactured in Australia. Used to protect hydraulic hoses, electrical cables, welding cable and gas lines our Spiral Wrap Tubing is available in a range of sizes.
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Vidaflex 111 Insulation Sleeving

Full rolls of this heat resistant sleeving made from fibreglass with a light silicone coating. Vidaflex 111 has very good electrical properties, handles temperatures up to 260°C and is ideal for insulating and protecting cables and wires.
From $161.13