Vidaflex 942 Sleeving, Yellow (Pre-Cut Pack) 1mm Dia x 10 Metres Long

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  • Brightly coloured tough outer layer for easy lead identification
  • Excellent dielectric strength and good thermal endurance
  • Flexible and easy to work with
  • Available in a range of sizes and colours

Vidaflex 942 Acrylic Fibreglass Electrical Sleeving is flexible insulating sleeving made from braided fibreglass that is coated in a solid layer of acrylic resin. The resulting sleeving has a tough outer shell that resists abrasion and is available in a range of different colours to make lead and cable identification easy.

Vidaflex 942 is available in a large range of bore sizes and withstands continuous exposure to temperatures up to 155°C (Class F using the old thermal electrical classification system). It has good dielectric strength and can be used on a range of low, medium and high voltage equipment.

Applications for Vidaflex 942 

  • Insulation of motor lead outs, electrical wiring and cables.
  • Cable and lead identification.
  • Bundling and consolidation of leads.
  • Mechanical and abrasion protection for cables.

How to Buy Vidaflex 942 Online.

This page lists our range of shorter, pre-cut lengths, yellow coloured rolls of 942 Sleeve. To buy, simply select the sleeving diameter required. 

Our online store also has this material in a number of full rolls sizes as well as black and red colours. Links to the various pages for each is included below..

Continuous Operating Temperature 155°C
Short-Term Operating Temperature 200°C
Inside Material Braided Fibreglass
Outside Material Acrylic Resin
Nominal Wall Thickness for 1-3mm Ø Sizes 0.45mm (Minimum)
Nominal Wall Thickness for 4-6mm Ø Sizes 0.7mm (Minimum)

For more technical information please see the Technical Data Sheet for our Vidaflex 942 Electrical Insulation Sleeving located on the media tab.

SKU SWM000045P03
Brand Krempel

Technical Data Sheet.

TDS Link        
Vidaflex 942 Acrylic Fibreglass Electrical Sleeving TDS        

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Are other colours available (apart from red, black and yellow)?

There are, though they’re not standard. In the last few years the manufacturer of this sleeving has cut-down on their sizes and colours leaving us with access to a far more limited colour selection. If there’s a particular colour you require please do let us know what you’re after as well as the size and quantity and we’ll see if we can track it down for you.

Does it stretch when being fitted?

Only a very little bit. Because of the solid acrylic resin on the outside, Vidaflex 942 doesn’t have an awful lot of give. You will be able to achieve a little depending on the force exerted but we don’t suggest banking on any more than about 5%.

Does it fray?

The fibreglass inner lining can a little but generally the outer resin liner stops this from happening too much. We do suggest cutting with scissors or a very sharp knife. Blunter tools can pull at the fibreglass.