Vidaflex SD550 Sleeving, Black (Full Roll) 1mm Dia x 250 Metres Long

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  • High Quality Electrical Insulation Sleeving with very good temperature resistance (180°C).
  • Made from closely braided fibreglass coated with a solid, yet flexible, silicone elastomer.
  • Very easy to work with and handle.
  • Available in a large selection of bore sizes.

Vidaflex SD550 Silicone Coated Fibreglass Sleeving has long been the industry standard for high temperature insulation sleeves. Manufactured from a fibreglass inner with a solid insulation outer layer, this sleeving is extremely flexible, able to withstand applications to 180°C and has very good electrical properties.

SD500 Silicone Glass Sleeving is widely used by electric motor repairers, transformer manufacturers and for the insulation and protection of wires and cables in the automotive, rail, marine and facilities management sectors.

It has been trusted for decades and continues to be selected because of its high quality and consistent performance. A summary of it’s technical performance attributes is included below.

Continuous Operating Temperature -60°C to +200°C
Short-Term Temperature Rating 250°C
Electrical Strength @ 20°C 4kV/min
UL Rating 600V

Typical Applications for Vidaflex SD500 Silicone Coated Fibreglass Sleeving.

This versatile electrical sleeving is used in a variety of different applications and industries. Some of the more popular applications we see include:

  • The protection and insulation of leads and wires on Class H or Class C Electric Motors.
  • Insulating and protecting cables and wires in transformers.
  • Protecting cables and wires in the automotive & heavy transport sector.
  • As an insulating tube in electronics manufacture and the HVAC sector.

How to Buy Vidaflex SD550 Online.

This page lists our range of full length rolls of SD 550 Silicone Coated Sleeve. To buy, simply select the sleeving diameter required. 

Our online store also has this material in a number of smaller pack sizes. A link to the page detailing this selection is included below.

Property Typical Value
Colour Black
Continuous Operating Temperature -60°C to +200°C
Short-Term Temperature Rating 250°C
Electrical Strength @ 20°C 4kV/min
UL Rating 600V
  • IEC684-3 401
  • ASTM D-372 Type 5
  • NEMA VS-1 Grade B
  • RoHS Compliant

Size Information for Vidaflex SD550

Nominal ID Nominal Wall Thickness Tolerance on Bore Size Full Roll Length
1mm Ø 0.6mm (Min.) ±0.2mm 250 Metres
2mm Ø 0.6mm (Min.) ±0.2mm 250 Metres
3mm Ø 0.6mm (Min.) ±0.2mm 250 Metres
4mm Ø 0.6mm (Min.) ±0.25mm 250 Metres
5mm Ø 0.6mm (Min.) ±0.25mm 250 Metres
6mm Ø 0.6mm (Min.) ±0.25mm 250 Metres
8mm Ø 0.8mm (Min.) ±0.25mm 200 Metres
10mm Ø 0.8mm (Min.) ±0.5mm 100 Metres
12mm Ø 0.8mm (Min.) ±0.5mm 100 Metres
14mm Ø 0.8mm (Min.) ±1mm 50 Metres
16mm Ø 0.8mm (Min.) ±1mm 50 Metres
20mm Ø 0.8mm (Min.) ±1mm 50 Metres
25mm Ø 0.8mm (Min.) ±1mm 50 Metres
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