Presspahn Transformer Insulation Paper - 0.13mm x 1000mm Wide (Per Metre)

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  • Low Cost Electrical Insulation Paper.
  • Good Mechanical Strength, Flexible and High Density.
  • Available by the metre in a selection of thicknesses.

Presspahn Paper has been used for decades as an electrical insulation material in transformers. It continues to be used for its low cost, flexibility, reasonable insulation properties and mechanical strength.

We are pleased to offer our Presspahn Transformer Insulation Paper in a selection of thicknesses. All are available by the linear metre. This quality insulation material offers several benefits, including:

Good Physical Properties.

Presspahn Paper from Swift Supplies is flexible with a smooth surface finish. Despite this flexibility, it is also tough and resilient. Presspahn Paper has a density of 1.1g/cm³ to 1.25g/cm³ and low stretch. Exact values vary depending on which way it’s measured.

Presspahn Paper Stretch.
Machine Direction (Along the Length of the Roll): ≥3.5%.
Cross-Machine Direction (Across the Roll): ≥4.0%.

Tensile Strength is a number aspect that varies. This is summarised below:

Machine Direction, 0.1mm Thick: ≥70 N/mm².
Machine Direction, 0.15mm Thick: ≥80 N/mm².
Machine Direction, >0.2mm Thick: ≥90 N/mm².
Cross-Machine Direction: ≥35 N/mm².

Regardless of the thickness, our Presspahn Paper has a moisture content of 6-10%.

Electrical Insulation Characteristics.

Presspahn Paper is typically used for electrical insulation in transformers and some electric motors and devices. It is suitable for applications up to Class A (105°C). Electrical strength (in oil) ratings are provided in the table below:

Thickness Breakdown Voltage
0.1mm - 0.15mm ≥ 12 kV/mm
0.15mm - 0.4mm ≥ 11 kV/mm
0.5mm ≥ 35 kV/mm

Applications for Presspahn Paper.

Presspahn is most commonly used as a flexible electrical insulation material for transformers. It is also sometimes used for low voltage, low temperature electric motors and various other electronic devices.

How to Buy Presspahn Paper Online.

We are pleased to offer this high quality, economical grade of electrical insulation by the linear metre in a selection of thicknesses. To buy, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Select the thickness needed.
  2. Choose the number of lineal metres needed (at 1000mm wide). Enter that as your quantity.
  3. Proceed through the check-out.

We understand that many of you may be used to talking about Presspahn in kg rather than metres. To assist, we've included the cross reference table below:

Thickness Metres per KG Maximum Roll Length
0.13mm 6.85 685 Metres / 100kg
0.25mm 3.33 333 Metres / 100kg
0.38mm 2.19 219 Metres / 100kg
0.5mm 1.66 166 Metres / 100kg
Thickness Tolerance ±10%
Thermal Class 105°C (Class A)
Standard Roll Width 1000mm
Denstity 1.1 - 1.25g/cm³
Ash Content ≤1%
pH of Aqueous Extract 6-9
Moisture Content (0.1mm - 0.5mm) 6-10%
Tensile Strength
Machine Direction, 0.1mm ≥70 N/mm²
Machine Direction, 0.15mm ≥80 N/mm²
Machine Direction, >0.2mm ≥90 N/mm²
Cross-Machine Direction ≥35 N/mm²
Machine Direction ≥3.5%
Cross-Machine Direction ≥4%
Electrical Strength in Oil.
Thickness Breakdown Voltage
0.1mm - 0.15mm ≥ 12 kV/mm
0.15mm - 0.4mm ≥ 11 kV/mm
0.5mm ≥ 35 kV/mm
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