Graphite Packing Style 3000G (Acrylic Yarn) - 3.2mm Square (Per Metre)

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  • Interlock braided packing with a high purity graphite finish.
  • Excellent sealability and long lasting performance.
  • Economical grade of general purpose packing manufactured in the USA.

Graphite Packing Style 3000G is a quality grade of gland packing used for sealing in pumps and valves. This dense yet flexible packing is manufactured in the USA using acrylic blended fibres that are impregnated with a high temperature lubricant and high purity graphite. This results in an economical grade of interlock braided packing that will create leak free seals with long performance lives.

Graphite Packing Style 3000G handles temperatures between -110°C and 260°C and is easy to work with and install. Sometimes known as graphite rope, this industrial grade packing is used in applications with a media pH between 4-10, a shaft speed rating up to 5.1MPS and pressures up to 20.7 BAR.

Applications for 3000G Graphite Lubricated Acrylic Packing.

  • Gland and stuffing box sealing.
  • Rotating, centrifugal and reciprocating pump sealing.
  • Valve sealing.
  • Marine packing applications.
  • Static seal applications.

Metric to Imperial Packing Conversion Table

Millimetre Square Inches Square Fraction of an Inch Sqaure
3.2mm² 0.13" 1/8"
4.8mm² 0.19" 3/16"
6.4mm² 0.25" 1/4"
8mm² 0.32" 5/16"
9.5mm² 0.37" 3/8"
12.7mm² 0.5" 1/2"
16mm² 0.63" 5/8"
19mm² 0.75" 3/4"
22mm² 0.87" 7/8"
25mm² 1" 1"
Colour Black
Service Areas Pumps and Valves
Base Fibre Acrylic Blended Fibres Pre and Post Lubricated with Graphite
Construction Interlock Braided
pH Range 4-10
Shaft Speed Rating 5.1 MPS
Pressure Ratings 20.7 BAR
Temperature Rating 260°C
SKU SWM000023B01

How do I Cut It?

A box cutter (AKA Stanley knife) will get through our Style 3000G Graphite Packing, though you may need to make multiple slices (especially with the thicker sizes). If you’re looking to ensure you achieve an exact 45° cut (for making packing rings) specialised packing scissors are best.

Do you make Packing Rings?

We can supply them, yes. We don’t make them ourselves but we do have some great partners who do here in Australia. If you’d like us to arrange some for you shoot us an email with the sizes and details of what you’re after and we can arrange a quote. We can usually turn these around fairly quickly (local stock and a local ring manufacturer helps a lot with this).