Heat Shrink Cable Breakout Boot 3-Way, 60mm In, 20mm Out

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  • Lightweight, durable and flexible for easy installation and lasting performance.
  • High shrink polyolefin mouldings that are lined with a hot melt adhesive.
  • Create a waterproof, insulating seal that protects against mechanical forces & environmental factors.
  • Available in 2-way, 3-way or 4-way styles in a selection of different sizes to suit all common types of communications, data & power cables up to 1kV.

Heat Shrink Cable Breakout Boots are a great way to seal, insulate and protect cable to conduit or cable to cable core transitions. Sometimes referred to as Cable Breakout Gloves, these components are available to suit 2-way, 3-way or 4-way breakout points.

These insulating parts have several benefits:

Easy to Fit and Install.

Our Shrinkable Cable Breakout Boots are made from polyolefin with a high shrink ratio of 3:1 (60mm will shrink down as far as 20mm diameter). This allows them to be loosely fit over the break point in the cable safe in the knowledge that they will shrink far enough to form a tight-fitting, insulating seal.

Effective Water & Environmental Sealing.

All of our Heat Shrink Cable Breakouts are lined on the inside wall with a heat activated adhesive. As the breakout boot shrinks, the hot melt adhesive liquefies so, when it comes into contact with the cable sheathing, it creates a good, tight bond.

This creates a water-tight, weatherproof seal around the cable outlet or breakout point that prevents moisture ingress. The polyolefin used in their construction remains flexible to maintain this seal even as cables are moved and flexed.

Our Cable Breakout Boots are made from UV stabilised material and are suitable for use indoors or outdoors. They also have excellent chemical resistance and effectively withstand attack from fuels, oils, copper corrosion, fungus and many other media types.

Good Protection Against Mechanical Forces.

Heatshrink Cable Breakouts are also ideal for providing an additional layer of mechanical protection and relieving stress on cable transitions. They have good cut and abrasion resistance and help to alleviate stress at cable splice points.

Though their small, lightweight and flexible; they possess very good mechanical properties. Tensile strength is rated at >10MPa and elongation at break is 300%. They’ve also been subjected to accelerated aging tests to monitor their performance over time, more information on the results can be found on the specifications tab.

Excellent Electrical Properties.

The shrinkable polyolefin tube used in the construction of these moulded breakout boots has good electrical insulation characteristics. These breakouts have a IEC 93 tested volume resistance rating of 1013 ?/cm. They can be used with all kinds of rubber, paper and plastic insulated cables including power cables up to 1kV.

Applications for Heat Shrink Cable Breakout Boots.

Breakout Boots are typically used to create a water-proof, protective and insulating seal for cable splices, cable to conduit or cable to cable core transitions.

They are widely used in the marine electronics, construction, electrical repair and transport sectors to protect and insulate connections.

Standard Sizes.

This page lists just one size in our range of shrink brakout boots. Other standard sizes are listed in the table below:

# of
Main ID
(as supplied)
Breakout IDs
(as supplied)
Shrink Ratio
2 33mm 14mm 3:1
2 60mm 24mm 3:1
3 38mm 11mm 3:1
3 60mm 20mm 3:1
3 80mm 36mm 3:1
3 110mm 48mm 3:1
3 140mm 70mm 3:1
4 40mm 12mm 3:1
4 55mm 20mm 3:1
4 75mm 25mm 3:1
4 82mm 30mm 3:1
4 92mm 35mm 3:1
Property Typical Value Standard
Colour Black -
Continuous Operating Temperature -55°C to +110°C -
Elongation at Break 300% ASTM D-2671
Tensile Strength 13 MPa Minimum ASTM D-2671
Water Absorption 1% Maximum -
Density 1.05 ASTM D-792
Accelerated Aging 168 Hours @ 120°C ASTM D-2671
Elongation after Aging >250% ASTM D-2671
Dielectric Strength 15V / mm IEC 243
Volume Resistance 1013 ?/cm IEC 93
Fungus Resistance Good -
Copper Corrosion Good -
Chemical Resistance Good -
UV Stabilised Yes -
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