Heat Shrink End Caps (Glue Lined) 8mm to 2mm, 25mm Long

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  • Protect and seal cable ends with our range of Heat Shrink Cable End Caps.
  • Lined with a hot melt adhesive for good sealing and lasting protection.
  • High shrink ratio (3:1) allows for fast and easy fitting.
  • Available in a large selection of sizes to suit various cable diameters.

Our range of Heat Shrink End Caps are ideal for sealing and protecting the ends of cables or ropes. Manufactured from UV stabilised material and lined with a hot melt adhesive, these end caps seal effectively and are tough, reliable and simple to install.

Available in 12 different standard sizes, these End Caps can be used on power cables up to 1kV, data, fibre and RF cables and all kinds of ropes and cords. Features and benefits include…

Thick Adhesive Lining.

All our Heat Shrink End Caps come with a good, thick layer of glue on the inside. This hot metal adhesive is activated at the same time as the shrink feature when you apply heat. As the shrink force forms the cap onto the cable/rope end, the adhesive bonds to keep the end cap securely in place.

This also creates a water-proof environmental seal on the cable end. This seal protects the conductors from damage and contamination.

Excellent Chemical and Media Resistance.

Our Heat Shrink End Caps have excellent chemical resistance and are used to protect cables from many different factors. They have excellent resistance to copper corrosion as well as fuel oil, fungus and insulation oil.

They are also UV stabilised and are suitable for use on cables exposed to the elements.

Heat Shrink Cable End Caps with Glue Lining from Swift have a continuous temperature rating of -40°C to +100°C.

Good Electrical Properties.

These Cable End Caps are made from a shrinkable polyolefin tube that exhibits very good electrical characteristics. Dielectric strength is listed as >12kV/mm while volume resistance is 1040 ?/cm.

Tough, Resilient and Easy to Install.

Our shrinkable end caps have excellent physical and mechanical attributes. Tensile strength is listed at 14N/mm² and maximum elongation is 350%. This allows them to absorb a good amount of stress without breaking.

These end caps are also very long lasting and ideal for protecting cables and ropes long term. They have been subjected to accelerated ageing tests (120°C for 500 hours) and still returned a tensile strength rating of 11 N/mm² and a max. elongation of 300% after this.

The fact that they have a high shrink ratio of 3:1 also helps makes installation easy as you can apply a significantly larger end cap to the cable while still knowing it will shrink down to seal and protect well. Our complete range of sizes allows you to seal & protect cables between 2mm Ø and 158mm Ø.

Applications for Cable End Caps made from Heat Shrink.

Heat Shrink End Caps are widely used in the manufacturing, construction, plant maintenance and electrical industries for protecting and sealing cable ends held in storage or when laying cables during construction that will be connected later.

These versatile, economical insulation parts are also ideal for protecting the end of connectors while a device is in transport or stopping the ends of ropes from fraying.

Property Typical Value Standard
Colour Black -
Continuous Operating Temperature -40°C to +100°C IEC 216
Elongation at Break 350% ASTM D-638
Tensile Strength 14 N/mm² ASTM D-638
Water Absorption <0.15% Maximum ASTM D-570
Hardness 45 Shore D (±10) ASTM D-2240
Accelerated Aging 500 Hours @ 120°C ASTM D-2671
Tensile Strength after Aging 11 N/mm² ASTM D-638
Elongation after Aging 300% ASTM D-638
Heat Shock - 4 Hours @ 200°C No Dripping, Cracking or Flowing ASTM D-2671
Dielectric Strength >12kV / mm ASTM D-2671 B
Dielectric Constant 5.0 Maximum ASTM D-150
Volume Resistance 1014 ?/cm ASTM D-257
Fungus Resistance Rate 1 ISO 846 Method A
Copper Corrosion Good ASTM D-2671 B
Chemical Resistance Good -
UV Stabilised Yes -
SKU SWM000315B01
Brand VoltaStop

How Do I Install Heat Shrink End Caps.

With a heat gun, begin the shrinking process from the closed end of the end cap. Continue towards the open end. Glue should extrude slightly from the open end to indicate a good seal has been achieved.