Irish Refrasil Insulation Cloth - 1.47mm Thick x 838mm Wide, Per Metre

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  • High performance thermal insulation cloth that can withstand temperatures up to 1,260°C (2,300°F).
  • Manufactured from silica fibres that are specially treated to increase their heat resistance.
  • Pre-shrunk construction ensures consistent performance in the most demanding of environments.
  • Available in two different thicknesses by the lineal metre.

Irish Refrasil Cloth is a specially developed variation of standard Refrasil fabric that offers extended temperature resistance and flexibility. The Irish Series Fabrics are identified by their green colour which is a result of the special, high-temperature treatment they have been given.

Refrasil Irish Series Insulation Fabrics will withstand continuous exposure to temperatures up to 1,260°C with little or no change in properties. We are pleased to offer these industrial-grade insulation fabrics in two different thicknesses, 0.71mm and 1.47mm.

Both are the premium grade version of Irish Refrasil that have not only been pre-shrunk and treated for extended heat resistance, but they have also had an additional finish coating applied to improve their ease of handling as well as physical integrity during fabrication.

High Quality Construction.

Refrasil Cloths are manufactured by Hitco Carbon Composites in the USA, a division of SGL Group. For decades, they have been trusted in the most demanding of industrial applications and have been used by the world’s militaries & NASA as well as in countless power generation, aerospace, heavy transport, mining and engineering applications.

Refrasil textiles are continuous filament, amorphous silica products with exceptional thermal properties and characteristics of a refractory material.

They are produced using a proprietary chemical leaching process with specially formulated glass fibres. Refrasil consists of ≥96% silica (SiO2). The Irish Refrasil Grades featured on this page are pre-shrunk cloths which eliminates the chances of shrinkage in application. They have also been finished with a special treatment to improve the ease with which they can be handled and reduce fraying.

High Heat Resistance with Low Thermal Conductivity.

Refrasil Irish Series is most commonly used in applications that require an extremely high temperature resistant insulation fabric. In these, it excels due to its excellent heat rating (1,260°C, continuous). Importantly, this is the temperature at which Irish Refrasil’s thermal insulation performance will begin to degrade, not the point at which it will melt (that is higher still).

Irish Series Refrasil also offers very low thermal conductivity and effectively prevents heat transfer.

Safe and Easy to Use.

Irish Refrasil presents no known health hazards and is flexible and easy to work with. Unlike fibreglass, silica fabrics typically don’t cause skin irritation which makes Irish Refrasil easy to work with.

This woven fabric has good tensile strength and is highly conformable. It can be sewn, cut or glued as required.

Irish Silica Insulation Fabric exhibits minimal off-gassing and is often used as a replacement for asbestos materials specified for the insulation of older machines.

Fire Resistant & Compatible with a Wide Range of Chemicals and Media.

Irish Refrasil is fire resistant and even resists damage from molten metal. It also withstands radiant heat and is compatible with most aggressive chemicals and media.

Applications for Irish Refrasil Cloth.

This extremely high temperature resistant cloth is used in a variety of high heat applications. Just some of the many uses we’ve seen include:

  • High temperature pipe lagging.
  • The manufacture of extremely high temperature welding blankets and curtains.
  • Pump covers.
  • Exhaust lagging.
  • High temperature motor insulation.
  • For the protection of personnel and equipment in high temperature environments such as those found in the smelting, metal fabrication, power generation and mining industries.

How to Buy Irish Refrasil Cloth Online.

We are very pleased to offer this excellent thermal fabric by the lineal metre in two different thicknesses (custom fabricated parts are also available, don’t hesitate to contact us). To buy, simply follow these steps:

  1. Select your thickness.
  2. Work out the amount of metres required. Add this as your quantity.
  3. Proceed through the check-out.

For orders that are less than a full roll, we will do whatever we can to provide your order in one, single, continuous length. Full rolls are 45.7Mtrs long. If you would prefer specific lengths, just let us know and we’ll do whatever we can to assist.

Colour Green
Thickness 0.71mm (#2221-48)
& 1.47mm (#2221-96)
Roll Width 838mm
Maximum Continuous Operating Temperature 1,260°C (2,300°F)
Melting Point >1,650°C
Silica Content of Base Fibre 96% Minimum
Full Roll Length 45.7Mtrs (50 Yards)
SKU SWM000469B01
Brand SGL Carbon

Technical Data Sheet.

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