Ceramic Insulation Rope (Twisted) - 6mm Dia (Per Metre)

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  • Very high heat resistance; withstands 1,200°C continuous.
  • Excellent UV and weathering resistance.
  • Easy to work with and install.
  • Available by the metre in a large range of sizes.

Our Twisted Ceramic Insulation Rope is designed for demanding applications that require excellent thermal endurance. This quality rope is made using ceramic fibres reinforced with fibreglass. 

The Ceramic will withstand exposure to temperatures as high as 1200°C. The fibreglass is designed to aid the installation process by adding strength, however loses its effectiveness as temperatures rise above 550°C.

This high quality insulating rope is made using a twisting method so it isn’t as dense as braided ropes. This allows for greater conformability and easier wrapping of pipe curves, junctions and irregular objects.

Our Twisted Ceramic Insulation Rope has good chemical and solvent resistance and excellent UV and weathering resistance. If it is wet by steam or water, properties return once dry.
Heat resistant ceramic rope is usually used for applications that require very high heat resistance. 

Some examples include pipe lagging and wrapping, making low pressure gaskets and seals, protection of pipes and hoses and as part of other insulation solutions such as pump covers, high heat tadpole tape and insulating blankets.

Colour White
Continuous Operating Temperature +1,200°C
Mechanical Strength Reduces +800°C
Ignition Loss 16%
SKU SWM000344B01
Brand HeatProtect