3M 2308 Performance Masking Tape - 18mm Wide x 55 Metres

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  • Crepe paper backing resists paint bleed through
  • Rubber based, pressure sensitive adhesive sticks to most surfaces
  • Highly conformable and easy to apply with controlled stretch

3M 2308 Masking Tape is a high quality and very reliable type of masking tape used for everyday masking applications. This tape is manufactured from a crepe paper backing with a pressure-sensitive, rubber based adhesive that sticks fast and adheres to most types of surfaces. The tape resists lifting or curling and can be accurately applied around tight turns and complex shapes thanks to its high conformability.

3M 2308 Masking Tape resists paint bleed through and is an exceptionally well made tape with a few of those little features you come to appreciate the more you use it. These include the fact it can be torn by hand, but has controlled unwind characteristics, which makes it less likely to tear inadvertently as you remove it from the roll. This allows it to work well with paper dispensers.

3M 2308 Performance Masking Tape is able to be exposed to temperatures up to 121°C for 30 minutes. 

Applications for 3M 2308 Masking Tape

  • General purpose masking for painting or applying adhesives
  • Sealing and bonding
  • Bundling and holding of cables, leads, wires, etc…
  • Other jobs that require a pressure sensitive tape
Colour Tan
Adhesive Type Rubber, Pressure Sensitive
Backing Material Crepe Paper
Elongation at Break 10%
Total Thickness 0.13mm
Temperature 121°C (for 30 Minutes)
Tensile Strength 385 N/100mm
Adhesion to Steel 38 N/100mm
SKU SWM000015B01
Brand 3M

How long can I leave the tape on for?

Generally speaking, the less time the better as the longer it is left in place the more time the adhesive has to bond. In normal climatic conditions (room temperature) the tape will remove easily after several days. This shortens considerably if left outdoors, as the tape may become very difficult to remove after prolonged exposure. Best bet if using outdoors is to keep it there only as long as you absolutely need to.

Does it tear easily?

If you try to tear across the roll, yes, it’ll be fairly easy. Trying to tear by pulling the tape straight away from the roll, no, not so much. It will break but you’ll have to put a bit of effort in to get it to.

Can this be used to tape walls before painting?

Yes, definitely. It’s got good resistance to paint bleed through and its adhesive is fast acting and works on most surfaces. 3M 2308 is ideal for masking ahead of painting.

What kind of cores is it on?

3M 2308 Masking Tape is supplied on cardboard cores that features the 3M logo and list the grade number (i.e. 2308).