Adhesive Polyimide Tape - 6mm Wide x 33 Metres Long

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  • High temperature polyimide film tape capable of withstanding 200°C
  • Silicone based thermosetting pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Excellent electrical performance and conformability

Our Adhesive Polyimide Tape is a high quality grade that provides long lasting performance in a range of demanding applications. This high temperature tape is manufactured from 0.025mm thick polyimide film that is coated with a silicone based thermosetting pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side. Once this adhesive is included, the total tape thickness is approximately 0.063mm.

Adhesive Polyimide is a tough, strong yet flexible tape that bonds well to most surfaces, possesses excellent dielectric strength and is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 200°C.

Adhesive Polyimide Tape is used for a variety of electrical insulation applications. Thanks to its high temperature resistance and excellent pricing, it is also often used for masking components that need powder coating. Each roll of this brown insulation tape is 33 metres long and supplied on a 3” plastic core. 

Though it is often called this, it should be noted that Polyimide and Kapton are not the exact same thing. This is not Kapton tape. Kapton is a trademark of DuPont and any tape that claims to be Kapton tape must be manufactured using genuine Kapton film. 

Applications for Adhesive Polyimide Tape

  • Insulation of coils in electric motors
  • Fastening heating elements
  • Insulation for capacitors
  • Masking for powder coating
  • Bed surface for 3D printing with ABS
  • Slot liner insulation
  • Insulating and fastening flexible PCBs
  • Magnet wire and cabling
  • Interlayer insulation in motors and transformers
Colour Brown
Adhesive Silicone Thermosetting Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
Backing Material Polyimide Film
Backing Thickness 0.025mm
Total Tape Thickness 0.063mm
Continuous Operating Temperature 200°C (for electrical applications)
Dielectric Breakdown 6kV (minimum)
Elongation 50% (minimum)
Adhesion to Steel 0.55 kg / inch
SKU SWM000100P01
Brand VoltaStop

Can you supply other widths of Adhesive Polyimide Tape?

Yes. In addition to the standard widths on our site we can arrange custom slit rolls of Adhesive Polyimide Tape. This slitting is done from log roll stock we keep in Sydney so it’s usually only a couple of days before we ship.