If you’re looking for a super glue capable of withstanding high heat, we are pleased to present our new option:  VA 180 HT Super Glue.

As the name suggests; this cyanoacrylate adhesive can withstand temperatures all the way up to 180°C making it the highest temperature rated superglue in our range.

The rest of this post covers the various facets of VA 180 HT and potential bonding applications for the glue but first, a quick word on the kind of temperature resistance typically offered by super glues.

Banner Image Showing the Gluing an electrical enclosure with VA 180 High Heat Super Glue

Typical Temperature Resistance of Super Glues.


Super Glue Temperature Resistance ChartThere are literally 1,000s of different super glues out there. Many of you may be familiar with big brand names such as Loctite however there are many, many more all the way through to the generically branded ones you may find at your local department store.

Given the range of options, I simply can’t speak for each and every one of them. Some will have high temperature resistance, many won’t.

In our experience, the vast majority of ethyl ester (the most common type) cyanoacrylates will have a maximum continuous temperature rating of about 80°C. There’ll be a little bit of variation, but I’d say this is a fairly reasonable baseline.

After that, you’ll find some higher temperature options. We have a couple of these ourselves such as  our VA 30 and VA 250.

Both of these styles are special, rubber-filler super glues with higher heat, humidity and joint movement tolerance compared to more standard types. Both of these will withstand 130°C.


VA 180 High Temp Super Glue.


VA 180 HT Super Glue Info Image, 030Oftentimes, when people needed to bond something in environments with temperatures over about 150°C, we would be looking at using an epoxy. Our new VA 180 HT Glue adds another option.

This super glue can withstand up to 180°C while still offering all the usual benefits of a cyanoacrylate such as fast cure time, no mixing (one part) and compatibility with a wide range of materials.

Engineered by Weicon in Germany, this glue has been specially developed to meet the challenges of higher temperature environments.

As the table below illustrates, this versatile glue is a good option for bonding a wide variety of materials and substrates when temperature is a concern:

VA 180 HT Material Compatability.

Metal Compatible
Plastic Highly Compatible (High Surface Energy and Medium Surface Energy Plastics Only, Others Bonded with Contact Adhesive Primer)
Rubber Highly Compatible
EPDM Rubber Highly Compatible
Wood Not Compatible
Balsa Wood Not Compatible
Glass / Ceramic Compatible
Leather Not Compatible

Common Applications for VA 180 HT Super Glue.

Toaster repaired with VA 180 High Temperature Super GlueIt’ll be no surprise that the most common uses for VA 180 HT include higher temperature applications. It’s also widely used in environments where temperatures tend to fluctuate widely (e.g. around engines). Some more specific examples include:

  • Gluing parts within electronics enclosures.
  • Fixing broken parts and connections on power transformers.
  • As a heat resistant glue for glass view panels.
  • Securing wire and lead connections.
  • Bonding insulation used in electric motors.
  • Making higher temperature O Rings (e.g. gluing silicone O ring cord in conjunction with our CA Primer).
  • Fixing household appliances that generate heat.
  • For small area automotive repairs in areas exposed to elevated temperatures.

As this glue was only first released in 2020, no doubt we’ll see many more successful applications and uses for it in the years to come.

Where to Buy VA 180 HT or get more information.

Our VA 180 HT Super Glue is available online from its dedicated product page. We deliver anywhere in Australia.

If you would like more information on this industrial-quality, heat resistant cyanoacrylate. Or help in deciding if this super glue is a viable option for your bonding application; please do reach out to us. We’ll be happy to assist in any way we can.