VA 30 Black Rubber Filled Super Glue - 12gm Pen

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  • Black, rubber-filled super glue with high temperature resistance.
  • Ideally suited for bonding various types of rubber, plastics and metals.
  • Good residual elasticity lets it tolerate some joint movement, ideal for high humidity and changing temperatures.

Weicon VA 30 Black Rubber Filled Super Glue is a special form of cyanoacrylate adhesive designed to offer enhanced elasticity after curing. Designed and manufactured in Germany, Weicon VA 30 has an extended cure time (which allows you to work with it longer) and is black in colour.

This rubber filled glue offers enhanced peel & impact strength and residual elasticity. It's also very good in elevated temperatures and conditions where temperature and/or humidity are highly variable. VA 30 is quite similar to our VA 250 Rubber Filled Super Glue with the main point of difference lying in their viscosities. VA 250 is thicker (and a little slower to cure) while VA 30 has a medium viscosity.

The sections below expand on the various features and capabilities of this professional quality super glue. 

Residual Elasticity & Resistant to Vibration and Humidity.

The black, rubber filling used for our VA 30 Glue increases its' residual elasticity. This allows it to absorb a little more joint movement than most super glues while still maintaining high bond strength. 

It also increases this glue's capacity to withstand changing climatic conditions and high humditity (which can be an issue for some super glues over time). 

High Viscosity Glue.

VA 30 Cyanoacrylate has a viscosity of 250 -300 mPa·s (at 20°C according to Brookfield). We classify this as a medium viscosity which means this glue isn't too runny but not really thick either. This allows it to be applied quite accurately to complex bond lines and slows the cure time a little

Slower Cure.

VA 30 Super Glue has a slightly extended cure time. Like most glues, cure time for VA 30 will vary depending on materials and the conditions you are bonding in. Maximum cure time will be around 120 seconds (bonding hard pvc in a cool area with low humidity) while bonding nitrile rubber will result in a cure time of about 5-10 seconds.

High Peel and Impact Strength.

Another benefit of the rubber filled nature of VA 30 manifests in its' increased shock and impact resistance. Bonds made with VA 30 Glue will absorb more impact than many other glues and maintain their bond strength. This glue also has high peel resistance.

Temperature & Environmental Resistance.

Once fully cured, Our Weicon VA 30 Super Glue will withstand continuous exposure to temperatures between -55°C and +140°C. 

Squatting temperature is +160°C.

VA 30 Material Compatability.

VA 30 Black Super Glue is most commonly used for gluing rubber parts (including solid and sponge rubber). It is also used with many types of plastics and metals. As the table below suggests, this glue is compatible with most material types.

Metal Compatible
Plastic Highly Compatible (High Surface Energy and Medium Surface Energy Plastics Only)
Rubber Highly Compatible
EPDM Rubber Compatible
Balsa Wood Compatible
Glass / Ceramic Compatible
Leather Compatible

Applications for VA 30 Black Super Glue.

  • Bonding of rubber cords, seals and pieces.
  • Bonding and fitting rubber sponge and rubberised foam.
  • Sticking rubber seals, door trims or strips to metal frames.
  • Bonding rubber components to plastic casings.
  • Anywhere black super glue is required for appearance purposes.
  • Bonding and fixing parts used in areas with large changes in temperature.
  • Bonding jobs that require a super glue with higher tolerance of movement of the bonded components.
Colour Black
Initial Adhesion on NBR Rubber 5-10 Seconds
Full Cure 24 Hours
Viscosity (20°C Brookfield) 250 -300 mPa·s
Continuous Temperature Resistance -50°C to +140°C
Squatting Temperature 160°C
Max. Gap Covering Power 0.2mm
Ester Type Ethyl
Shear Strength Adhesion to Sand-Blasted Steel 22 N/mm² (DIN 53283)
Shear Strength Adhesion to Sand-Blasted Aluminium 18 N/mm² (DIN 53283)
Shear Strength Adhesion to Rigid PVC 14 N/mm² (DIN 53283)
Shear Strength Adhesion to ABS 11 N/mm² (DIN 53283)
Shear Strength Adhesion to NBR >8 N/mm² (exceeds strength of rubber) (DIN 53283)

Material Compatability

Metal Compatible
Plastic Highly Compatible (High Surface Energy and Medium Surface Energy Plastics Only)
Rubber Highly Compatible
EPDM Rubber Compatible
Balsa Wood Compatible
Glass / Ceramic Compatible
Leather Compatible
SKU SWM000004B01
Brand Weicon

Can VA 30 be used with EPDM Rubber?

Yes, it can. EPDM can be one of the trickier rubbers to bond, but VA 30 will do the job. When even stronger adhesion is required the use of the CA Primer will increase the bond strength even more.

How do you apply this adhesive?

Straight out of the bottle onto one of the surfaces being bonded is best. The special pen shaped bottle makes application a lot easier and more natural which leads to greater accuracy and less wastage.

Make sure to clean the surfaces first. Super glues like VA 30 will stick to anything, including dust.

Why is there rubber in it?

The rubber is added to increase the residual elasticity of the adhesive. Put another way, it allows Weicon VA 30 to have a higher tolerance for movement after it’s cured.

One of the drawbacks with super glues is that they aren’t great at coping with joint movement, at least compared to things like silicone adhesives. While VA 30 Black is not in the same league as a silicone at this, it’s definitely better at it than most super glues. This matters when you’re fixing or bonding parts that are going to be placed in high humidity areas or in environments where temperatures change a lot. 

Where should I keep the container if I don’t use it all at once?

Cyanoacrylates are best kept refrigerated (especially in Australia). The container lid must be on air tight before storing it in the fridge, which will extend the usable life of the glue significantly.