Nitrile O Ring Making Pack

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  • Make your own NBR O Rings.
  • 1 Metre of 6 popular sizes of Black, 70 Duro Nitrile Rubber O Ring Cord.
  • 1 Tube of VA 30 Black Super Glue for high strength joins.
  • 2 Precision Dosing Tips for accurate application to the smaller cords.

Our Nitrile O Ring Making Pack is made up of 6 different sizes of our precision extruded Nitrile Rubber O Ring Cord and our go to super glue for bonding these O Rings.

Each pack contains 1 metres of each of the sizes of cord. One 12gm tube of the high performance, specialised super glue. And two precision dosing tips to make glue application a little easier with the smaller sized cords.

More information on each component included in the pack is included below:

High Quality Nitrile Rubber O Ring Cord.

Made from solid NBR (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber), a 1 metre length of 6 different sizes are included in the kit. Specifically:

  • 1.6mm Diameter
  • 2mm Diameter
  • 3mm Diameter
  • 4mm Diameter
  • 5mm Diameter
  • 6mm Diameter

O Ring Cord is a simple, round, rubber extrusion. It is usually cut to length with both ends then joined with a super glue (or another adhesive) to make an O Ring. This is often done when custom sized O rings are urgently required or when the size of the ring makes arranging a fully moulded O Ring impractical.

O Rings made using our Nitrile Rubber O Ring Cord will exhibit the sealing capabilities of the nitrile rubber. Thus, you can expect them to withstand temperatures between -20°C and +90°C and offer excellent resistance to fuels, mineral oil based fluids, greases and water. Nitrile is typically not used for sealing aromatic hydrocarbons or brake fluid. 

Other sizes and additional lengths are also available from Swift. You can browse our range of O Ring Cords here.

VA 30 Black Rubber Filled Super Glue

One thing to be aware of when making O rings with Nitrile or any other material, the O Ring will only be as strong as its weakest point; which is often the adhesive join. We’re pleased to be able to offer a complete range of high quality, German-engineered super glues to use to make strong, high performance O Rings. 

VA 30 is a special type of super glue that is ideal for Nitrile O Ring making. Most super glues will stick Nitrile Rubber, VA 30 is different. It’s filled with rubber which allows it to remain a little more flexible once it’s cured. This is important for making rubber O Rings as these seals still need to be able to compress and flex once they’re made.

A 12gm tube of VA 30 Black is included with every one of these packs. This tube utilises Weicon’s patented pen design which makes applying the glue to small section O Ring cords (e.g. 2mm) far more accurate.

Precision Dosing Tip - Size 0.5.

Our Dosing Tips for Weicon Super Glues are designed for those of you who need highly precise, exact application of super glues and can be really handy when applying the VA 30 to small diameter cords.

These dosing tips are compatible with the full range of Weicon Cyanoacrylate Adhesives and easily fit over the original needle. They’re a simple alternative to having to precisely cut the needle to the exact required size and also help with reducing wastage.

Two of these dosing tips are included with each O ring cord pack.

SKU SWM000523B01V0001