Red Fibre Vulcanised Gasket Sheet - 0.8mm Thick x 295mm x 495mm

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  • Very economical type of gasket and sealing material.
  • Tough, long wearing with good tear resistance.
  • Ideal for making washers, wear strips, spacers and low voltage insulators.

Red Fibre Vulcanised Gasket Sheet is an economical type of general purpose sealing material. It’s been around forever (since at least the late 19th century to be more precise) and continues to be used today to punch out inexpensive washers, make wear strips and various other non-critical sealing applications.

Red Fibre Sheets are manufactured from cellulose paper with a cellulose binder. Characterised by its’ red colouring, this sealing material is very tough and hard wearing. It’s suitable for die cutting and punching and can also be cut using a guillotine, saw or drill.

Red Fibre Sheets exhibit very good resistance to tearing and are therefore often used for making washers for tapware and low-pressure sealing. The material is quite susceptible to swelling as it has a high moisture absorption rate. For this reason, if using Red Fibre for electrical insulation purposes, you should only do so in dry, low humidity environments.

Our Red Fibre has an operating temperature range between +10°C and +85°C and a density of approximately, 1.4 grams per cm³.

Red Fibre Sheet is available from Swift in several different thicknesses and sheet sizes. For anyone looking to make your own washers or seals, this inexpensive and hearty sealing material could be a great choice.

Typical Applications for Red Fibre Sheet

  • Making washers.
  • Creating tough wear strips.
  • Making low voltage electrical insulation parts.

How to Buy Red Fibre Gasket Material Online.

This page lists our range of small sheets of Red Fibre. Our online store also has this quality gasket sheet in a number of other sheet sizes; links to each are included at the bottom of this page.

In addition to these standard sizes, we are also able to provide custom cut sheets, gaskets & seals made from Red Fibre. To enquire about a specific size, please do contact us.

Colour Red
Density 1.4 gm / cm³
Temperature Range +10°C to +85°C
Base Material Cellulose Paper
Binder Cellulose
Water Absorption Rate High
SKU SWM000214P01-Sml
Brand Gaskaseal

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