Conafi General Purpose Gasket Sheet - 0.8mm Thick x 500mm x 500mm

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  • Versatile gasket material capable of sealing a variety of everyday applications.
  • Compatible with water, steam, fuel, oils, natural gas and diluted acids.
  • Used for medium pressure applications up to 220°C.

Conafi General Purpose Gasket Sheet is an economical grade of compressed non-asbestos fibre (CNAF) gasket material designed for maximum versatility. It is produced from a combination of mineral and aramid fibres that are bound together with an NBR rubber binder. This construction allows Conafi to offer good strength and toughness while still remaining flexible and easy to handle.

This page lists all our standard thicknesses of our Conafi Gasket Material in 500mm Square Sheets. Our online store also this same material available in 1550mm square for those of you who need to make larger gaskets. You can find the link to that at the bottom of this page.

Conafi is widely used in industry and, thanks to its versatility and all-round performance capabilities, is also well suited to a number of automotive, marine and domestic applications. These include gaskets for pumps, tanks, flanges and many other applications where various oils, chemicals, gas, salts, alkalis or water needs to be sealed.

It’s usually used for medium pressure applications (up to abut 6MPa) and in applications where continuous temperatures fall between -30°C and +220°C.

Conafi has been widely tested and recognised by a number of international organisations including Germanischer Lloyd, DVGW, KTW and INIG.

Applications for Conafi Gaskets.

  • Water pipes and flanges.
  • Sealing gas or chemical lines.
  • Sealing strips for elevated temperature applications.
  • Automotive gaskets.
  • Sealing oils and petroleum.
Colour Green
Temperature Resistance -30°C to +220°C
Potable Water Approved Yes (KTW)
Gas Approved Yes (DVGW)
Oxygen Sealing Approved No
Base Materials Kevlar Aramid Fibres, Mineral Fibres and an NBR Binder
Maximum Continuous Operating Pressure 6 MPa
Density 2 g/cm³
Compressibility 11.7% (ASTM F 36)
Recovery 58.8% (ASTM F 36)
Creep Relaxation 20.3% (ASTM F 36)

For more technical details (including a chart showing the relationship between maximum operating temperature and maximum pressure) please see the technical data sheet (TDS) for this material located on the media tab.


SKU SWM000011P01-Sml

Technical Data Sheet.

Conafi General Purpose Gasket Sheet TDS        

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Can I cut this gasket sheet myself?

You can. It’s definitely a little tougher to get through than cork or rubber (due to its highly compressed construction and the presence of the aramid fibres) but you can get through it with a box cutter (Stanley knife). There’s also dedicated gasket cutters that will get through it nicely.

Cutting your own gaskets from Conafi General Purpose Gasket Sheet can be made a little easier but ensuring you have a really sharp knife at the ready, being prepared to make multiple shallow cuts through the material and wetting the blade, with water, from time to time. We don’t really suggest scissors for anything over about 1.5mm thick as these can be a little hard on the wrist muscles.

How often do I have to replace gaskets made from this material?

This is a hard one to answer as it will vary depending on the exact operating conditions (fluid being sealed, temperature and pressure being the big 3 factors). Generally, once the gasket is properly installed and the flange is assembled you can expect years and years of performance.

If the flange is taken apart (especially after the gasket has been in full blown service for quite a while) you may then need to replace it as recovery will be compromised which means that it will not compress as much as previous and a good seal may be hard to achieve.

Do I need to use any gasket goo with this material?

No. Generally speaking Conafi is designed to work by itself. In some situations, they can help (like when you need to make sure the gasket won’t stick to the flanges even after years of service or when sealing at lower bolt loads) but they’re not required for most applications for Conafi.

Does this material contain any asbestos?

Definitely not. We are very careful to ensure that all of our materials are 100% asbestos free. Conafi is no exception.