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3M 427 Adhesive Aluminium Foil Tape

Available now in a selection of widths, 3M 427 Adhesive Aluminium Foil Tape is a high-performance tape used for sealing, bundling and reflecting heat and light. Fast delivery on all orders around Australia.
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3M Scotch 24 Electrical Shielding Tape - 25mm Wide x 4.5 Metres

An open weave all metal tape made from tinned copper wires. 3M Scotch 24 Electrical Shielding Tape is fire resistant, corrosion resistant and compatible with all high voltage splicing and termination materials. Available now for fast dispatch.

3M Scotchfil Electrical Insulation Putty - 38mm x 1.5 Metres

A highly flexible, soft and pliable insulating putty in tape form. 3M Scotchfil Insulating Electrical Putty is non-corrosive, withstands 80°C, self-fusing and can be easily applied to irregular objects using just finger-pressure.

Adhesive Heat Shrink Tape

Quality electrical insulation tapes supplied with a layer of hot melt adhesive on one side. Our Adhesive Heat Shrink Tape is used for insulating busbars, repairing cable sheaths and sealing cable terminations and joints.
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