Threaded Pipe & Fitting Adhesives

Weiconlock AN 302-45 Pipe and Thread Sealing Compound

A versatile grade with medium cure strength and a high viscosity. AN 302-45 tolerates coarse threads, is blue in colour and has been approved by DVGW for use in sealing and locking gas lines. It is particularly well suited for sealing coarse threads.

From $29.75

Weiconlock AN 302-80 Pipe and Thread Sealing Compound for Passive Materials

High viscosity, high strength anaerobic adhesive able to be used not just on metal, but on many types of passive materials. Weiconlock AN 302-80 works with zinc, aluminium, nickel, high alloyed steel and many plastics. Very fast curing.

From $20.60

Weiconlock AN 305-72 Liquid Gasket, Pipe Sealant and Thread Locker

High quality grade containing PTFE. AN 305-72 can be used for thread locking, pipe bonding and sealing, locking cylindrical assemblies or even for making liquid gaskets for close fitting metal flanges. DVGW and AGA approved for gas connections.

From $26.50

Weiconlock AN 305-77 Pipe and Thread Sealing Compound

High quality industrial grade of anaerobic adhesive. AN 305-77 has been certified by DVGW and the AGA for gas pipe sealing and by BAM for oxygen sealing applications. It is able to tolerate larger bonding gaps (up to 0.5mm) than most anaerobic adhesives.

From $32.40