Weiconlock SI 303-31 Plastic Threadlocker and Pipe Sealant - 85ml

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  • Sealant for plastic and metal pipes, connections and glands.
  • Highly viscous, low strength and permanently elastic.
  • Suitable for use with drinking water systems (NSF, LFGB and ISEGA certified).

Our Weiconlock SI 303-31 Plastic Threadlocker and Pipe Sealant is a simple, one part elastic adhesive typically used for sealing threaded connections. This adhesive sealant is especially suitable for use on plastic pipes (though it works with metal too).

SI 303-31 is an acetate-curing 1-component silicone sealant with a good chemical resistance against diluted acids and lyes. The sealant is suitable for plastic threads and plastic / metal combinations and has a high notch and tear strength.

It has a very good weathering, ageing and UV radiation resistance.

SI 303-31 can be used for sealings on ceramic surfaces in drinking water areas and for sealing plastic thread connections of cold and warm water-carrying plastic pipes.

SI 303-31 will achieve handling strength after about 24 hours at room temperature. Full cure is about 72 hours depending on the conditions. The bonds created by the thread locker will remain permanently elastic and be able to be disassembled if required.

Once cured, Weiconlock SI 303-31 will withstand temperatures between -40° and +180°C.

Colour White
Viscosity Pasty
Maximum Gap Bridging 0.5mm
Handling Strength at Room Temperature 24 Hours
Final strength (100%) after 72 Hours
Temperature Resistance -40°C to +180°C.
SKU SWM000293B01V0001
Model # 30331085
Brand Weicon