Threadlocking Adhesives

Weiconlock AN 301-43 Thread Locking Adhesive

Medium Strength, High Viscosity thread locker. Weiconlock AN 301-43 is approved for potable water and gas and is a non-marking grade designed especially for critical applications.

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Weiconlock AN 302-21 Removable Thread Locker

Designed for small gauge threaded parts that need to be undone from time to time. Weiconlock AN 302-21 is a low strength, removable thread locker that allows easy disassembly. It is vibration proof and non-marking.

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Weiconlock AN 302-22 Thread Locking Adhesive

Low strength, medium viscosity thread locker for locking threaded connections that you want to be able to disassemble in the future. AN 302-22 withstands 150°C and is vibration-proof. Perfect for automotive and marine thread locking applications.

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Weiconlock AN 302-43 Thread Locking Adhesive

Medium viscosity and high strength thread locking adhesive. Weiconlock AN 302-43 is blue in colour and has been approved by DVGW for use with gas connections and KTW for use with drinking water.

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Weiconlock AN 302-60 Thread Locking Adhesive for Passive Materials

A specialised type of anaerobic adhesive designed to work with passive materials (like aluminium, nickel, gold, zinc and chrome) without the need for an additional primer. 302-60 is a permanent thread locker with a high cure strength and temp. resistance.

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Weiconlock AN 302-70 High Strength Thread Locking Adhesive

A high strength, medium viscosity thread locker. AN 302-70 is used on threaded parts and stud bolts. It creates a permanent seal and will make these parts very hard to disassembly. Green in colour and DVGW approved for use with gas.

From $18.30

Weiconlock AN 302-72 High Temperature Thread Locking Adhesive

A high temperature grade of thread locking adhesive able to withstand up to 230°C. 302-72 creates permanent, high strength bonds and seals and has a high viscosity which allows it to be used on threads up to M56.

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