Vidaflex 111 Silicone Coated Fibreglass Sleeving

Vidaflex 111 Heat Resistant Sleeving is made from fibreglass with a silicone resin coating. It has very good electrical properties, handles temperatures up to 260°C and is ideal for insulating and protecting cables and wires.

From $150.54

Vidaflex 942 Acrylic Fibreglass Electrical Sleeving

Available in 3 distinct colours, Vidaflex 942 is a high quality electrical insulation sleeving used to insulate, protect or identify cables and leads. It is available in handy 10 Metre packs in a selection of diameters.

From $13.46

Vidaflex SD550 Silicone Coated Fibreglass Sleeving

A high voltage, high temperature electrical insulation sleeving made from fibreglass with a flexible silicone rubber outer layer. Vidaflex SD500 Sleeving is available in a selection of bore sizes.

From $204.18

Vidatape C - Woven Fibreglass Tape

A woven electrical insulation tape made from fibreglass yarns. Vidatape C Woven Glass Tape can withstand 220°C continuous and short-term spikes to 500°C. Typically used as a consolidating or finishing tape or as a fire barrier for cables.

From $15.08

Vidatape P - Woven Polyester / Terylene Tape

Industry-standard woven electrical tape for low / medium temperature motors. Vidatape P is made from polyester yarns and offers reduced skin irritation when compared with glass fibre tapes. Available in a selection of sizes.

From $13.15