Adhesive Spray Extra Strong - 500ml

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  • High strength spray adhesive for creating strong and permanent bonds over large surface areas.
  • A versatile adhesive that works well with solid and sponge rubber, insulation materials, metal, wood, plastics, carpets, fabrics, imitation and real leather, vinyl, PVC foil, felt and more.
  • Supplied with a special valve that allows for accurate adjustment of the spray quantities.

Adhesive Spray Extra Strong is a very versatile type of spray adhesive that is used for permanent, high strength bonding. This spray is manufactured from a special, synthetic-rubber formula by Weicon and is used for bonding larger surface areas. This spray is very easy to use and compatible with almost all material types (more info on this below).

Weicon Adhesive Spray Extra Strong is very easy to use. Simply shake the can and spray onto one of the surfaces. If you’re bonding a particularly porous material (like open cell sponge) the spray should be applied to both bonding surfaces. Once done, give it a few minutes to dry (exact time will depend on environmental conditions) until the adhesive is no longer stringy. Then, just join the surfaces and apply pressure.

Each can of Adhesive Spray is supplied with a special valve that allows you to adjust how much adhesive is dispensed with each spray. This spray is also very economical as one 500ml can is usually enough to cover an area of about 4 square metres.

Once it’s fully cured, this adhesive will withstand temperatures between -20°C and +80°C. 

Material Compatibility for Adhesive Spray Extra Strong

Weicon Adhesive Spray Extra Strong is compatible with most types of materials and surfaces. The list below details some of these. The full list is likely quite a bit longer.

  • Felt (decorative, polyester, aramid, engineering or industrial).
  • Solid rubber sheet (except for Silicone rubber)
  • Sponge rubber (again, except for silicone sponge)
  • Insulating materials (e.g. expanded insulation foam, high temperature cloth, electrical insulation papers)
  • Soft foam (such as PVC sponge)
  • Carpets (perfect for affixing carpet tiles)
  • Plastics (Most types. Known exceptions include polyethylene, PTFE and polypropylene).
  • Vinyl
  • Leather
  • Imitation leather
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • PVC foil
  • Paper and Carboard

Applications for Adhesive Spray Extra Strong

All of our application lists are meant to be just a guide. All of our products have more uses than those we can list here. Given its versatility, we really wanted to stress this point with our Extra Strong Adhesive Spray. New applications and uses are found daily so the list below really is for inspiration more than anything.

  • Repairs to furniture.
  • Attaching panelling to boat interiors.
  • Repairs to car interiors.
  • Attaching rubber sheeting to ute trays.
  • Securing carpet tiles.
  • Attaching wall decals and stickers.
  • Bonding insulation to the inside of garage doors.
  • Securing rubber weather strip seals around windows and frames.
  • Laminating sponge sheets together.
  • Various craft and modelling bonding work.
  • Attaching plastic, rubber or metal sheeting to bench tops and work surfaces.
  • Securing insulation to the wall and/or roof of garden sheds.
Colour Transparent / Colourless
Basis Synthetic Rubber
Processing Temperature +10°C to +30°C
Evaporation Time 5 to 15 Minutes
Working Time 45 Minutes (max.)
Coverage per Can 4mtr² (approx.)
Temperature Resistance -20°C to +80°C
Minimum Shelf-Life  24 Months

For more technical details and information on how to use Weicon Adhesive Spray, we definitely recommend consulting the Technical Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet for this spray. Of course, if you do have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're happy to help in any way we can.

SKU SWM000140B01V0001
Model # 11801500
Brand Weicon

How much will I need?

This depends on the types of material you are working with. If you’re bonding relatively dense (non-porous), light-weight materials like balsa wood or thin veneer you can expect a can to cover an area of about 4 metres squared.

This drops if you are working with porous materials (like open cell sponge) or you need to increase the bond strength and therefore decide to coat both surfaces being bonded.

Will this stick rubber to metal?

Yes. Adhesive Spray Extra Strong is very good at bonding both standard industrial rubbers and metal so there won’t be any issues. One exception is Silicone rubber. Adhesive Spray is not great at sticking to silicone (in fact, most adhesives aren’t with the exception of silicones and some specialised industrial grade glues).

How do I use it?

Adhesive Spray is very easy to use. Clean and dry the surfaces (we have a range of cleaners that may be ideal for this but they are not the only ones that will do the job). Apply Adhesive Spray to one of the surfaces you are sticking and give it time to dry until it is no longer stringy but is still tacky. This usually takes anywhere from 60 seconds to 15 minutes depending on the type of material and, more importantly, the temperature you are working in. The higher the temp., the faster the cure.

Once it has reached the point where it is still tacky but not stringy, push the two surfaces together and apply pressure.