Silicone Spray - 400ml

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  • Concentrated lubricating, waterproofing, protection and release agent in one
  • Fast-acting, quick-drying spray that leaves behind no messy residue
  • Long lasting performance works with rubber, vinyl, plastic, wood, metal and painted surfaces

Weicon Silicone Spray is a high-quality silicone lubricating spray with a huge range of uses. Manufactured in Germany from a concentrated formula, this industrial-grade Silicone Spray is non-staining, colourless and won’t attract dirt. It is a highly effective lubricating agent that reduces friction, increases sliding and prevents the formation of adhesive residues.

Weicon Silicone Spray is waterproof and effectively protects treated surfaces from moisture. It creates a durable separating film which makes it ideal for use as a mould release agent or as an assembly aid (e.g. for rubber seals or tight fitting plastic parts).

An industrial grade lubricant, Weicon Silicone Spray is the right choice for jobs that you only want to do once. Silicone Spray is based on silicone oil and is anti-static. It withstands extreme temperatures between -50°C and +250°C.

Applications for Silicone Spray

  • Protecting rubber parts from moisture and preventing them from becoming brittle, sticking or freezing
  • Lubricating conveyor belts, chutes and sliding surfaces and preventing products from sticking to them
  • Lubricating hinges, locks, belts and tools
  • Lubricating and protecting pipes
  • As an assembly aid for close fitting parts
  • Lubricating, protecting and assisting with installation of radiator grills, protective strips, rubber hoses, rubber covers, bumpers and plastic rails, guides or plugs
  • Preventing squeaks and creaks from friction points between moving parts (especially those made from different materials like a metal to plastic join)
  • Trailer plugs
  • Lubricating window channels
  • Increasing the ease of motion for sunroof rails, seat tracks and seatbelt guides
  • Protecting electrical contacts from moisture
  • Improving the appearance of plastic (and some rubber or metal) parts by creating a high-gloss finish
  • Lubricating and protecting knives, saw blades, needle points and cutting table surfaces
  • Lubricant for cutting dies
  • Protecting sporting equipment from salt water
  • Lubricating and waterproofing agent for sailing and boating equipment
  • Preserving rubber seals in swimming pool filters and equipment
  • Waterproofing leather shoes and motorcycle riding gear
  • Lubricating sticky drawer rails
  • Lubricating sliding door and window guides
  • Lubricating garage door rails
  • Lubricating the tracking systems of curtains and vertical drapes
  • Lubricating moving parts on home-gym equipment (e.g. rollers on treadmills)
Colour Colourless / Clear
Scent Solvent
Temperature Range -50°C to +250°C
Minimum Shelf-Life  24 Months
IMPA 45 08 28
ISSA 53.402.14
SKU SWM000104B01V0001
Model # 11350400
Brand Weicon