Galva Spray - 400ml

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  • Professional-grade, permanent rust and corrosion protection for all metal surfaces.
  • Bonds well, dries fast and is very long lasting.
  • >450 Hours in the DIN Concentrated Salt Spray Test.
  • Coloured to match hot galvanised parts.

Our Galva Spray is a professional-grade anti-corrosion and rust protection spray on coating. It is suitable for use on all kinds of metal surfaces and forms an impenetrable layer that protects the metal.

Made from a combination of zinc and aluminium pigments, Galva Spray is fast drying and very long lasting. When subjected to a concentrated salt spray as part of a DIN EN 9228 test, parts treated with Galva Spray showed no corrosion after more than 450 hours of exposure.

This high-quality spray has been engineered by Weicon in Germany and builds of their decades of experience in designing the very best rust prevention products. It is made with very high purity zinc and aluminium pigments and an acrylic resin binding agent that ensures the spray bonds well to the surface.

Coatings made with Weicon Galva Spray have a high metal content in the dry film (51%) which ensures very strong rust protection.

Galva Spray has good temperature resistance (-50°C to +300°C), resists cracking (tested in the DIN mandrel bend test) and resists salt and fresh water. It is also abrasion resistant and can be painted over once it has completely dried. It can be used on parts kept indoors or outdoors.

Applications for Galva Spray

Galva Spray is an excellent all-round rust protection and prevention coating. It is often used an anti-rust primer (e.g. for car body painting), for coating welded or drilled metal parts and as a conductive intermediate layer for spot welding.

The fact that Galva Spray is colour-matched to hot dip galvanised parts (RAL 9006) means it blends in seamlessly with freshly galvanised metal.

Colour Fresh, Hot Dip Galvanised Metal (RAL 9006)
Areas of Use Indoors and Outdoors
Binding Agent Acrylic Resin
Pigment Zinc and Aluminium Pigments
Pigment Purity Approx. 99.5% Aluminium | 94% Zinc
Percentage of Metal in the Dry Film 51% (Approx.)
Specific Gravity 0.9 - 1 g/cm³
Suggested Primer Weicon Zinc Spray
Processing Temperature +5°C to +35°C (Ideal is 18°C - 25°C)
Consumption w/ 1.5 Cross Coats 150ml / m² (Approx.)
Layer Thickness w/ 1.5 Cross Coats 20-40μm
Dust Dry 15 Minutes (Approx.)
Hardened 12 Hours (Approx.)
Paintable 12 Hours (Approx.)
Abrasion Resistant Yes
Cross-Cutting (DIN 53151 / ISO 2409) Cross Cut Characteristic Value GT 0 to GT 1
Salt Spray Test (ISO 9227) >450 Hours
Mandrel Bend Test (DIN EN ISO 1519) No Hair Cracking
Top Coating Not Required
Temperature Resistance
(After Complete Hardening)
-50°C to +300°C


SKU SWM000239B01V0001
Model # 11005400
Brand Weicon

Technical & Safety Data Sheets.

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Can I use this on parts that are already rusted?

We don’t suggest this as the rust will still be present underneath the spray. In a situation like this, we’d suggest first treating the rust with our Rust Converter Spray which neutralises the corrosion.

Once you’ve completed the process, Galva Spray would be a great choice for stopping the rust from returning.

What do I do to prepare a surface before use?

Surface preparation is simple (though very important). Make sure you clean and degrease surfaces before applying Galva Spray. Weicon Surface Cleaner Spray could be ideal for this.

How to I spray Galva Spray onto the metal?

Shake the can until the mixing ball can be heard clearly. Spray on evenly and crosswise. Do this from about 25cm from the surface.

After about 15 minutes Galva Spray will be dust-dry. Full cure will take about 10-12 hours, after which it can be painted over if desired.